Choose the product over a company and the person over the product-Manish Bansal, Director, Window Magic

Window Magic is amongst the initial introducers of uPVC to India. Setup in 2002, “Window Magic”, a division of Window Magic India Pvt Ltd., it emerged from collaboration with the Profine Group of Germany which is the world’s largest manufacturers of uPVC profiles operating under the brand name of Kommerling. As a company today, with years of experience, they have succeeded in building up a range of state-of-the-art technologies to manufacture windows and doors, profile lamination in various colors, insect screen and glass solutions. In an exclusive tête-à-tête with SURFACES REPORTER (SR), Mr Manish Bansal, Director, Window Magic, reveals the secret behind the success of the brand and status of market at large.

How has Window Magic coped up in the months following the devastating second wave of Covid? What are your suggestion to the fellow business owners.

The second wave of Covid-19 was very challenging but surprisingly, from June onwards we have seen an upward move in the sales. Though the market has not completely recovered to the Pre-Covid levels, it’s moving up quickly. We have adapted to overcome the economic challenges linked to the lockdowns thereby limiting the economic impact. However, we do see that customers are also not delaying their purchase decisions, it seems that the fear of the Covid’s third wave is pushing them towards faster actions which is giving a boost to the sales as well as helping the market to recover.

Customers are not delaying their purchase decisions. It seems that the fear of the Covid’s third wave is pushing them towards faster actions which is giving a boost to the sales as well as helping the market to recover.

As Covid took over our lives and changed our way of living and doing business in the last one and half year, we saw that companies have started running through the bird’s eye view. They are keeping track of every minute detail. So my suggestions especially for the new entrepreneurs of the MSME sectors are to keep a check on the business at every level. Make sure that you have all the reports and facts with you and to review work every week. This small step will help you to approach head-on, any issue and you will be prepared beforehand.

Though business was normal all over India, but due to the lack of awareness, basic facilities and strict Covid 19 lockdown norms, the Northeast regions, some parts of Rajasthan, and a few tier-1 and tier-2 cities had to face challenging situations in order to continue business.

Tell us about your new aluminium range.

After a huge success in the uPVC, we are now foraying into the aluminum market as well. The state-of-the-art aluminum window and door systems are available in various categories like Magnus, Murphy, Marquee, and Marquee+. To enhance the look and feel and to catch up with your personality, the new age aluminum windows and doors are available in various colors and shades of interiors. The palette offers more than 200 colors available in glossy, matt, and textured finish. Ensuring the highest standards window and doors market, we are delivering visually appealing products and diligently withstand the topmost quality.

How do you see the rest of the financial year for Window Magic?

We are targeting a 20% higher sales figure than the Pre Covid time, but everything depends on how the Covid 19 situation unfolds. Though we are prepared for any mishaps, still if the third wave hits then just planning may not be sufficient in achieving the goals.

One liner message for architects and designers.

“Choose the product over a company and choose the person over the product”.


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