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Kitchen is like the energy center of a home. This is where the nourishment, the food is made with love, or in todays age with haste. But this is a tricky space in terms of design and decor.`

Kitchen is like the energy center of a home. This is where the nourishment, the food is made with love, or in today's age with haste. But this is a tricky space in terms of design and decor. Often times, kitchen gets the smaller division to occupy in a home.  This is also the space most prone to dirt and stains. Therefore, some careful deliberation is required before finalizing the color scheme for the kitchen space. Here are some options that would make the cooking in your kitchen all the more satisfying

White ith Wooden Tones

Starting off with a classic combination. The combination of white with wooden tones gives the kitchen a very sophisticated look. This duo is especially effective if the kitchen is smaller than what is preferred because it makes the space look bigger. While it tackles one of the problems of the kitchen, it raises another concern, white easily gets stained and dirty. However, this issue can be easily dealt with by using material that is easy to clean.

Black and Grey with White

If the hazards that come with a white kitchen are indeed a concern, then what better way to go than black. Black and grey work well together, while the white cuts through that almost monochrome scheme and provides a contrast. The more dirt-prone areas could be made of black or grey while the walls could be painted white for a classy yet effective look. One easy way to truly elevate this combination is to play with the finish of the black color and make it matte.

Yellow with Pale Grey

Enough of the whites and blacks! Addition of colors could really liven up the kitchen. Marigold yellow and pale grey might seem like seem an odd pair but the secret lies in contrast. The contrast isn't a stark contrast, it makes sense. The colors play off of each other beautifully. It makes more sense to have the marigold yellow as the backsplash or the wall color to invite people in and to leave the pale grey for the counter and cabinets.

Cream and Sage Green

Sage green has definitely been the talk of the town for a while. Together with cream, it makes a very soothing and sublime combo. This combination is the perfect way to add color to the decor while still being subtle about it. This combo works well when the sage green is applied to the counter and cabinets while keeping the backsplash more muted. This gives a very coherent look to the space. It is better to keep the finish of the sage green natural and not matte.

Blue on Blue

Using different variants of the same color gives dimension and depth to a space. This can be a bit tricky though, the success of this combination lies in the skillful placement of the colors. The best way to go about it is to come forward from darker to lighter shades. The play of dark navy blue, marine blue and cerulean blue would produce immaculate results. This combination would work better in a larger space.

White with Gold

More specifically white marble with gold accents. This would give a chic finish to any kitchen. This combo elevates even a small kitchen and makes it look more spacious. This combination leaves enough space to play with accessories. Chairs with a gold finish or a centrepiece gold chandelier are great options to really pronounce that golden touch. A gold tap for the sink or golden cabinet handles, or golden highlight on the white cabinet, is a great way to continue the gold theme. A glossy white marble counter with countertop looks marvellous with gold accents , while the rest of the kitchen remains white with more marble finishes.

The deal with the kitchen is, the functional and practical aspect of the space has to be kept in mind while designing it. But the real challenge or fun lies in making this practical space unique and fun.

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