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Flooring for Senior Homes

People aged above 60 have a tendency to fall due to their bodily changes. Every year, 1 out of 4 aging adults fall on floors according to Centres for Disease and Prevention (CDC) out of which at least 20% end up with joint or head injuries. The reasons for their fall could be wet floors, bad flooring, difficulty in moving on the floor etc. For senior homes or homes with aging adults, choosing the right kind of flooring is a must to prevent them from falling and to make sure that they walk smoothly. In this article, Surfaces Reporter(SR) will help you understand what kind of flooring is the best suited for homes with senior or aging people. Just follow the steps.

1. Easy to Move on: A flooring that helps elderly people to move without any problem is the best suited for them. A smooth finished floor helps elderly people to even use their wheelchairs or walkers properly.

2 .Slip Resistant: A floor for elderly people need to be anti-slippery. A wet floor is a highly bad flooring option to choose for them. 

3. Cushioned: Aging adults tend to fall due to health issues. A floor that is cushioned prevents them from dangerous injuries and also works in shock absorption that a wooden or vinyl flooring does not help with.

4. Comfortable: A floor for Aging adults should never be hard on their feet. It always needs to be comfortable on their feet. Flooring options like ceramic or vinyl tiles could be hard on their feet and harm their joints. A cushioned carpet floor or vinyl floor is the best suited for homes with adults.

5. Maintenance: For homes with adults, a floor should be maintenance free. Carpet flooring works the best for such homes as they can be cleaned easily with a vacuum every once in a while. It also absorbs water and provides a smooth surface to walk on.


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