Best Tips and Tricks to Maintaining Solid Surface Countertops

Solid countertops

Solid countertops are amongst the most common surface materials owing to their adaptability, longevity, and durability. They are easy to clean and maintain and can be used seamlessly for backsplashes, vanity tops, desks, food preparation areas, hot and cold cafeteria areas, and worktables, windowsills. Solid countertops are resistant to staining and chemicals. Additionally, they do not promote bacterial growth. Although solid countertops require minimal maintenance, here are some tips by Surfaces Reporters(SR) for maintaining them better.


Ensure clean up after every liquid spill

Stains need to be prevented wherever possible. Although liquids won’t penetrate the surface of the solid countertop, still it may leave a stain. You need to watch out for spills like gravy, dye, ketchup, coffee, tea, paint, or acidic substances. If your kitchen is a busy spot, then clean up frequently using a simple soapy solution and cloth to get rid of them. most general purposes of ammonia-based cleaners will also work fine.

Protect the countertop by using a chopping board

Solid countertops can develop scratches and marks after regular usage over long time durations. To prevent this, make use of a chopping board over the countertop to avoid abrasion marks. Using a chopping board will also extend the life of your countertop and keep them looking as fresh as new.

Avoid the harsh chemical spills

Solid countertops can be damaged by harsh cleaning agents and chemicals that are used for cleaning ovens, grills, metal equipment, and greasy pans. These substances need to be cleaned using agents such as acetone or soapy water to avoid damage or stains. Prolonged exposure to corrosive chemicals may damage the surface.

Protection against heat

Kitchen slabs and countertops are seldom overlooked when we talk about the effects of heat on them. Even with all the hot pots on the tops, we forget about the repercussions on the countertops. Direct exposure to heat can lead to cracks or burns in the solid surfaces of the countertops. The heat endurance with solid ones is relatively higher, nevertheless, it can still leave holes. To avoid these heat marks, scorch burns, and stains, do not place hot utensils directly on the tops. Instead make use of a trivet, a sink mat, or a heat mat to avoid damaging the surface. Try making use of trivets with legs or pads under heated appliances. Cool down curling irons in a heat-proof pouch or stand before placing them on countertops.

Renew the shine by removing scratches and marks

Surfaces of countertops can get scratches and marks after prolonged usage. But it is possible to renew them back to their original glossy shine. Start by washing the area and leaving it wet to remove the residue. Take a sanded scrub and run over the scratch and perform this movement in a straight 90-degree line repeatedly. Apply minimal force during the sanding process. Additionally, you can use a cleaning pad to sand the area. After a few strokes, you will see that the scratches begin to blend into the solid surface.

Treating hard water botches and stains

To renew your countertops to their original glow you can try a solution of soap or diluted household cleaner. Stained or botchy tops require a mild household cleaner along with a sponge/microfiber cloth to gently run over the mottled area. Rub it in a rhythmic, circular motion to clean all spots effectively.

Make use of furniture polish

For added shine, make use of furniture polish. This is suitable for dark-colored solid surface countertops. For kitchens, it is safer to use food-safe polish for food preparation.


Increase the life of your countertops by giving them daily maintenance activity and clearing the stains when necessary. To avoid expensive replacement of the countertops, follow the proper maintenance process. Being already sturdy in structure with proper care, these countertops can last a lifetime without requiring any repairs.


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