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The Surat-based IT Workstation Of?ce Designed With Modern Minimal Interior Style

In the era where slowly the entire lifestyle of people is shifting online, workspaces that require perpetual use of digital platforms also need to provide an equal amount of in-person interaction within the work environment. The client, a young group of entrepreneurs who started their journey into the IT world, was looking for a space where they could expand their horizons. Their requirements were simple: a workspace where the entire team can experience a healthy work environment and work jubilantly. To fulfill the client's requirements, Surat-based studio Vedhas Arch Design focussed on creating flexibility in the nature of spaces within the envelope such that the sense of circulation within does not change. The longer facade of the office faces towards the roadside and hence there had to be a more porous interface on that side of the office. The firm shared more information about the project with SURFACES REPORTER (SR). Take a look:


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The client's existing space in the complex occupies an area of 1440 sq. feet. Within these dimensions, the functions are articulated in such a way that there seems an easy, fluid and functional flow of the hierarchy of spaces. This fluidity is mainly achieved because of the rhythm that is generated within the circulation.


Along with the basic principles, this minimalistic approach to the design allows each zone inside the office to engage amongst one another through playful spaces with specific functions that are further accented by bringing in variations in colors and material palettes. The monochrome effect produced by the wooden tables, cabinets and frustrated glass partitions is then broken by bringing in contrasting colors through furniture elements and textured walls.

Entry Space

With a sense of arrival provided through a large pivot door, the entire space opens up to a compact reception area completed by an information desk and a small pocket of a waiting area.


A monolithic grey matte tile floor with polished Italian black marble desk and Italian travertine marble as the backdrop with profile led light, this preliminary space acknowledges the design of the office. The waiting area further branches to reveal the conference room through one door and an employee workspace through another.



The communal workstation zone has a strategic placement of furniture layout such that it guides conscious movement from its entry door and slowly opens up into the play area at the other end. The furniture is further embellished by grey laminated table tops with black metal frames that hold the edge of the tables.


The rows of desks aligned opposite each other are separated by a series of plantations that act as conversation and interaction generators amongst the employees. The play workstation with bold colors alongside the series of desks serves as a major stress buster for the employees both physically and psychologically.

exomoon-infotechThis play workstation connects the employee desk space to the main cabin office which is enclosed within frosted glass held together with a black frame. This porosity helps maintain transparency between the employees and the heads.

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Conference Room

Continuing with the same idea of breaking the monotony of greys by adding bold colors, this packed conference room provides free informal seating and creates an introvertedness to the entire space, thus making it convenient for meetings.


Main Cabin 

The managing owner's cabin also faces the roadside and is set apart from the rest of the spaces by using a wooden veneer finished desk that emphasizes the focal point in the entire space. On the corners of the desk are black steel frames that rest on the bottom, supporting the entire base of the desk. A brown leather sofa on the other side of the room dominates the space's ambiance. The overall furniture layout is done in such a way that some strategic pockets of spaces are formed that then become corners of relaxation by the addition of a swing.

exomoon-infotechWithin the busyness of the outside complex, this office space helps create a new work environment within the enclosed spaces. With light porous fenestrations within the spaces, the functions flow from one end to the other boundlessly.


This pushes the idea of an office beyond its expected limits and helps generate an experience that is a juxtaposition of work and play.

Project Details

Location: Surat
Designed By: Vedhas Arch Design 
Photo Credit: Rohan Patel

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