This Floating Pure Bubble Will Improve The Quality of Outdoor Air | SR Product Update

Now This Floating Pure Bubble Will Improve The Quality of Outdoor Air | SR Product Update

Generally, urban cities tend to have denser populations and an array of concrete structures as well as vehicles that emit carbon dioxide in the air. And, land degradation has led to the emissions of other greenhouse gases such as sulfur dioxide, ozone (O3), nitrogen oxide, and other particulates in the air. These hazardous emissions are slowly and steadily deteriorating our health and have become a major cause of climate change and global warming. Hence, it is vital to have at least a few concepts that can help to mitigate the effects of these on our health and the world in general. In that line Designer Wang Hong Min has envisioned a concept called Pure Bubble that will improve the outdoor air quality. Read this post of SURFACES REPORTER (SR) to know more about Pure Bubble and how this dandelion-shaped product works:

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Pure Bubble is a conceptual air pollutants trapping system designed by Wang Hong Min as a solution to tackle the persistent issue of air pollution in urban areas. Just like an air purifier that is used to improve indoor air quality, this product is designed for the outdoors. 

How is it formed?

Pure Bubble is an air filtering system that is made up of several balls or bubbles that traps the air pollutants and keep the air clean. Its shape is inspired by the dandelion hence, it looks light, soft, and airy. A rod holds these bubble-like devices in a vertical position.

Each bubble has three layers that allow it to improve the air quality of the outdoors where it will be floating around. The first layer has helium to make it lighter and it contains multiple holes that allow air to pass through it and come out. The second layer inside filters the air with a TPA patented technology, which can be washed and re-used. The final layer contains a recharging motor, that harnesses wind energy to allow it to settle anywhere in the city.

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How does it work?

The Pure Bubble floats in the air through its bubble-shaped top that looks like a layer of helium and gives it a much-needed buoyancy. The first outer layer traps the polluted air and its inner layer filters it. It will then release the air after cleaning it. Each bubble is integrated with a sensor that is also self-illuminating. Once the pollutants have been removed, the mineral elements can be extracted. This concept is also useful in cleaning water systems, for instance, collecting rainwater and making it apt for reuse. 

This eco-friendly product can be put up anywhere that has a port and helps to improve the quality of outdoor air. This is now a concept yet, but hopefully, it will soon become a reality as it will help tremendously in lowering the air pollution that is causing a variety of environmental effects.  

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