Worlds First Sustainable Floating City in South Korea | OCEANIX Busan

Worlds First Sustainable Floating City in South Korea | OCEANIX Busan

The Koreans are taking over the world by storm for their unique and novel innovations in different areas. And this time, South Korea is making waves on the internet owing to its new floating city in Busan, South Korea- a project that would be ready by 2025. Oceanix Busan revealed the model of a city that is said to be the world's first sustainable floating city. The company will develop it in collaboration with the United Nations and the Busan city government. The project will feature eco-retail options with organic local restaurants and skylit greenhouse amenities. Read more about the project below at SURFACES REPORTER (SR):


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Oceanix has showcased a prototype of a floating city. It’s a project of the developer firm together with the United Nations and the Busan city government. " Sea level rise is a formidable threat, but the sustainable floating infrastructure can help solve this looming catastrophe. We are excited to make history with Busan and UN-Habitat in ushering in humanity’s next frontier," said Itai Madamombe and Marc Collins Chen, Co-Founders, OCEANIX.

The agreement for building this city was signed in November 2021 by the OCEANIX in collaboration with the Busan Metropolitan City of the Republic of Korea and the UN-Habitat.

Self-Reliant and Climate-Responsive  

Officially named Oceanix Busan, the floating city is a self-sustained and climate-responsive city with its own solar panels for power generation and water recycling plant. 

The city is designed to withstand floods and contain several eco-friendly options such as zero waste closed-loop systems and the process to produce its own water, food and energy.

It will recycle, clean and produce its own clean water for use. Further, the city will be accessible via non-fuel vehicles like electric bicycles or cars. It will be large enough to accommodate 12,000 people. Solar panels integrated on the rooftops and floating solar panels on the sea would fulfil the huge power demand. Hydroponic towers in the winter garden of the project allows people to grow food.

How The city Will Be Built

Set in a 7-10 hectare land, the entire city would be constructed on platforms that are connected through joint bridges. The building designed by Oceanix will reflect South Korean character and culture.

It features a rare combination of traditional and modern Korean architecture design, and also enhances the city's rich art, culture and traditions. 

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A New Tourist Destination 

The project is said to be the new tourist location for travellers and visitors to enjoy organic dining from local eateries, communal terraces, harbor-view guestrooms and skylit glasshouse facilities. The extended ground level will encompass these eco-friendly retail options that offer panoramic waterfront views. All these are found in the Lodging Platform which is just one of the many platforms available in the floating city. Further, it has a marine research and co-working hub center in it.

On the ground level, the entrance also the visitors to go to a communal winter garden. It is a temperature-controlled garden as the city faces cold winter days. The living Platform enables people for circular living with a shared backyard accentuating several housing units. It promotes gathering and social interaction between inhabitants. 

The idea of this concept is to adapt to the rising water levels on earth and create a co-existence among people, nature and technology. It encourages people to be able to sustain themselves along coastlines. Though climate change does not only affect the coastal areas but the entire earth, we should combat stopping the use of fossil fuels. The project showcases that sustainable human settlements can be possible on the water as well.

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