Canadian Architects Propose 224-meter High Moon-Like Resort in Dubai | Moon World Resorts Inc

Canadian architects Sandra G Matthews and Michael R Henderson of Moon World Resorts (MWR) Inc. have proposed a 224-meter high (735-feet) moon resembling resort in Dubai. This will be the first lunar surface looking ultra-luxurious resort that will cost around $5 billion. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) presents more information about this resort below. Enjoy reading:


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Moon Dubai is a wonderful moon-like resort in Dubai conceived by Canadian architectural company. The hotel will include all the amenities such as a hotel lobby, a spa, and a convention center. It will have all the suites and a lunar colony.

Façade Imitates Lunar Surface

The exterior of this gigantic structure is going to be a replica of the moon, surrounded by a lunar colony that can accommodate 2.5 million guests every year while overall, around 10 million people could experience “affordable space tourism on ground” in a year at this tourist attraction. 

MWR co-founder Michael R. Henderson says “Moon Dubai will be the largest and most successful modern-day tourism project within the entire MENA region, doubling annual tourism visitations to Dubai based on its global appeal, brand awareness and unique multiple integrated offerings.”

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Lunar Colony

The project sprawling over an area of 10 acres of authentic waving lunar façade will have a highly detailed functional lunar colony. The specific area will be used for guest visits and astronaut training. The colony will contain several global corporations and space agencies to demonstrate the technology. Further, it will also comprise a university campus component as per the architect. 

“There is nothing remotely similar to Moon anywhere on planet Earth. It will be a fully integrated, contemporary, luxurious destination resort encompassing a unique signature attraction enabling guests to walk on the lunar surface while exploring an authentic lunar colony – space tourism for all,” said Henderson.

Materials Used in Construction

The firm will use steel for framework and carbon fibre composite materials will be wrapped around the orb. According to the architect, the carbon-fibre composite is an extremely strong and long-lasting materials. Photovoltaic panels will also be integrated on it to provide electricity to the entire resort.

The gigantic resort would definitely a hyper-realistic manifestation of the moon, and will have a three-story spherical steel volume that works as the base with an orb placed on the top of it.

The exterior of this orb would be embellished in a way to give it a moon-like appearance. This huge orb would be regarded as the “world’s largest sphere. 

The lunar surface will be illuminated with lights, showcasing various phasses of the moon. The architect also said in an interview that the entire structure can become the UAE flag. 

LEED Certified Structure

The huge building would be constructed to LEED Gold five-star standard and operated at a five-diamond level. The company puts the making budget at $5 billion, with an annual revenue projection of $1.8 billion.   

As of now, the company is procuring licences and planning road shows to promote the Moon to potential clients. 

Certainly, it is a wonderful project that will allow people to experience moon while living on earth. The success of this proposed project is beyond doubt owing to the gaining popularity of space tourism these days.

Designer: Sandra G Matthews and Michael R Henderson of Moon World Resorts Inc.





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