Unusual Furniture Pieces That Generate Moving Reflections | White Domus

Unusual Furniture Pieces That Generate Moving Reflections | White Domus

Aroosh Mahipal and Nitush Mahipal led White Domus has recently launched their new furniture collection- Diamante Console & Tronco Bench- reflecting European aesthetics. The studio has provided SURFACES REPORTER (SR) with more details of the furniture pieces. Read below:

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With their mastery over the art of stainless steel through experimentation, White Domus has created various unusual furniture pieces. The latest collection by the firm also follows a similar philosophy. These eccentric pieces belong to the long line of White Domus signatures that communicates through reflections.

Diamante Console

The brand has experimented with proportions, a bit of unevenness, and texture to allow light to speak a different language through these accent furniture pieces. They interact with light by reflecting it on nearby surfaces and creating painting-like reflections. 

“The Diamante Console is inspired by the mirror-like effect of diamonds, which breaks the light rays in different angles and reflects them back. The curves and textures are designed to reflect light in various permutations and combinations, creating an immovable piece of art that generates moving reflections as the trajectory and intensity of the daylight changes,” shares Aroosh.

Tronco Bench

“The Tronco Bench is our contemporary take on the staple wooden log bench. The imperfect textures of a wooden log have been replicated manually by crushing with knees, elbows and hammer,” says Nitush. An exceptional sculptural bench perfectly suited for indoors and outdoors.

With mirror polish in place, one can also see the reflections of the surroundings in them making them a part of the setting. 

About the White Domus

White Domus is an art studio born from the fusion between art, sculpture, and functional objects, introducing contemporary art in the different elements of the spaces. The studio is the brainchild of two brothers; Aroosh Mahipal and Nitush Mahipal. They believe in experimenting with materials, textures, colors, and forms to provide their patrons with artistic heirlooms that are not just visually attractive extensions of their personalities but are also environmentally friendly. The brand’s name comes from the Latin word ‘Domus’ which means home and the colour white. This reflects the brand's philosophy that the home is a white canvas that has endless possibilities for artistic expression.

About the designers: 

Aroosh and Nitush Mahipal are artists, designers, creators, and brothers. After studying business studies in Europe, they started working in the family line of business with industrial steel. They created a space to ideate and experiment in their family’s factory and took the first design through projects and collaborations with leading interior designers and architects.


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