Designer turns Production Waste into Beautiful, Useful Furniture | Lilla Snaland Stool

Swedish manufacturer of solid-wood furniture, Stolab introduced its Lilla Snaland stool which is made from waste wood that is produced during the manufacturing process. Designed by Swedish designer Marie-Louise Hellgren, the Lilla Snaland stool is Stolab’s effort to bring about a positive change in the environment. Know more about it on SURFACES REPORTER (SR).

The pieces would generally get stuck in machinery and disrupt production. 

Made out of waste materials, the Lilla Snaland stool is a close collaboration between designer Marie-Louise Hellgren and the Swedish furniture manufacturer. The seat of the neat and functional stool is formed with 14 waste pieces of birch heartwood and three stable legs. Reportedly, the manufacturer had sent a bunch of cut-offs in small triangles to Hellgren that went past the production of the Lilla Aland seat. The pieces would generally get stuck in machinery and disrupt production. To mitigate unnecessary wastage and its impact on the environment, Hellgren then came up with the idea of the small stool that would hold these tiny cut triangles together to form a seat.

The 14 offcuts of solid birch wood that are glued together to make the seat are inspired by the Fibonacci code. 

The Lilla Snaland stool comes in two versions, one that is treated with natural oil and the second with a more neutral tone that is treated with white oil. The three-legged stool comes in 45cm height, 40cm width and 40cm depth. The 14 offcuts of solid birch wood that are glued together to make the seat are inspired by the Fibonacci code.

Image credits: Stolab


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