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This Shopping Centre Illustrates How to Sustainably Assimilate Urban Mistakes of the Past | Lyon Part-Dieu

MVRDV’s design extends and restructures the shopping centre into a mall that will open up to the streets.

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Seven Spatial Styles Unified by a Central Courtyard | Takayuki Kuzushima and Associates

The one-story residence lays out an uneven cluster of seven different volumes where each level hosts a distinct programme.

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10,000 Alphabets in Shades of 100 colours Guise as a Floating Book Installation | 100 Colours no 37

Composed of 10,000 alphabet letters from A to Z, the 100 Colours no 37 installation also includes Norwegian special letters in shades of 100 colo...

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Experience the new ‘green’

Palladio has come out with an exclusive collection called “Forest” which contains beautiful designs made with different hues of Greens

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AR Mitali Aharam, Principal, Crafted Spaces,

AR Mitali Aharam, Principal, Crafted Spaces, Hyderabad, Telangana - Surfaces Reporter | Spaces & Material Poetries

Ar Mitali Aharam graduated from C.S.I.I.T,Secunderabad in 2010. After gaining experience with firms including Shilpa Sindoor Architects, Bengalur...

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Researchers Develop Biodegradable Sawdust Formwork to Combat Wood Waste

Under the leadership of DART director Mania Aghaei Meibodi, along with researchers Muhammad Dayyem Khan, Tharanesh Varadharajan and Zachary Kelle...

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method of 3D printing

Researchers 3D Print Soil to Create Walls, Roofs Teemed with Plants

A method of 3D printing with seed-impregnated soil which can be used to create walls and roofs heaving with plants has been recently invented by ...

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False Banana Pavilion

False Banana Pavilion is an Artistic Blend of Ethiopian design and English Materials | Flea Folly Architects

A spectacle hybrid of Ethiopian and English materials and form, the False Banana Pavilion offers a surreal moment to its spectators at Kew Wakehu...

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