This Luxury Retail Store in Punjab is Reviving the Old-World Charm of Traditional Havelis | Bora Da

This Luxury Retail Store in Punjab is Reviving the Old-World Charm of Traditional Havelis | Bora Da

Designed by the creative design team at Bora Da led by Udaai Batra and Navneet Kaur, Minny Sandhu’s chic clothing store in the land of five rivers is the perfect blend of 'nostalgia' and 'moving on with time'.To re-create the modestly luxurious ambiance of Punjabi havelis, every detail - from the furniture to the texture and colours - has been selected carefully. The rustic walls, illuminated by a soft yellow light, evoke the elegant royalty of old havelis. The design team has shared details about the project with SURFACES REPORTER (SR). Take a look:

Project Layout

The store is laid out in a longitudinal plan, with four distinct sections. Jewellery tables occupy the first, followed by a central standout feature in the second and a cash counter in the third.

The fourth section consists of service areas, a trial room and a lounge. Minny Sandhu’s clothing lines adorn the walls along all three first sections, set against an awe-inspiring backdrop of muted rustic tones inspired by havelis. A warm welcome awaits each guest that graces the store with their presence.

Design Creating an Emotional Connection with the Past

This store exudes minimalism and functionality, with its soft edges and gold tones. The furniture is set in wooden shades and draped with traditional Indian fabrics to honour our timeless craftsmanship. 

Clothes are elegantly displayed on hanging rods finished in a golden shade, whilst display tables present jewellery for all to admire. Overall, this design scheme successfully evokes an atmosphere of empathy towards the classic good old days.

Centre of Attraction

A central feature, situated in proximity to the cash counter, is sure to draw attention: an open room with arches on all four sides evoking grand Indian palatial architecture. To intensify the nostalgic effect, the walls across are decked with historic black and white photographs from the royal era. A chandelier placed in the centre of this feature brings an element of opulence and ties it all together!

Presenting a rustic appearance with a soft illumination, the cash counter; depicts a gleam of hope, both in the bygone and the present world. Indian crafts, such as large earthen pots have been used to accessorize this area, giving the users an essence of vernacular Punjab. 

The abstract pots add a final touch to the soft-hued wall behind them. Mirrors, usually an essential element in any clothing store, have been given more consideration and positioned opposite and adjacent to one another. These reflective surfaces offer viewers a metaphorical journey into old Punjab – vibrant, natural and beautiful. As a design feature, they make the store appear bigger than it actually is.

Minny Sandhu's store, designed by Bora Da, captures the essence of a forgotten time. The interior elements guide the users to relive the spirited lifestyle and peaceful atmosphere of the undivided Punjab. People are welcome to embark on Minny Sandhu's journey for her garbs while being surrounded by a blend of emotions created by both the brand and design.

Project Details

Project: Minny Sandhu retail store
Location: Amritsar, Punjab
Design Principles: Udaai Batra, Navneet Kaur
Firm Name: Bora Da
Completion: 2023
Photography Credits: Suryan//Dang

About the Firm

The name ‘Bora Da’ has been derived from the hindi word  “burada” (??????), signifying sawdust and also inspired from the spanish language where a strong west wind is also referred to by a similar name. Thus, Bora Da - as their etymology suggests, might have been built from little pieces put together but today they are a dynamic and creative wave that aims to bedazzle the world of Design with their unique craft! Founded by Udaai Batra and Navneet Kaur, this studio is not just about designing a space, but creating a realm possessing a strong sense of character and spatial planning, along with aesthetics.
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