A Seamless Fusion of Architecture, Nature, and Product Showcase

Designed by Beyond Design, a Mumbai based architectural firm, the AFC Furniture Solutions Office and Client Experience Centre is a truly immersive experience that showcases the company’s exquisite range of furniture solutions, read on to know more.

As you enter AFC Furniture Solutions' newly unveiled Office and Client Experience Centre, prepare to embark on a journey of refined taste and impeccable design.With its glass box façade facing the North and East, adorned by a delicate steel structure, this architectural masterpiece exudes an aura of lightness and sophistication.The design team was inspired by the inherent beauty of the raw steel finish, and they urged the client to forgo encasing the structure with concrete or any other material. This decision allowed the steel's allure to shine through, and it created a harmonious blend of nature and design with the verdant green areas surrounding the edifice.

The focus was firmly placed on the showcased products, with the sprawling space acting as an exquisite backdrop. Rustic elements such as hardened concrete flooring and the absence of false ceilings in the open office area create an atmosphere that celebrates simplicity and openness, as the decking slab remains visible above. A double-height atrium graces the entrance, providing a captivating first impression, while a central atrium adorned with graceful palm trees seamlessly connects the interior with the surrounding outdoors.

No effort was spared to ensure an abundance of natural light, allowing the products to be appreciated in their full glory. Meticulous attention was paid to the integration of graphics and branding, seamlessly woven into the design concept from its very inception. Anticipating the ever-evolving nature of the space, accommodating changing display products over time, its flexibility was ingeniously designed to meet future needs. In the display area, a muted color scheme subtly acts as a backdrop, allowing the products to take center stage. In contrast, the office area comes alive with vibrant hues and captivating graphics, infusing the space with energy and vitality. The strategic placement of natural plants bridges the gap between the exterior and interior, imbuing the ambiance with a soothing and inviting allure.

Throughout the project, lighting played a pivotal role, meticulously designed to enhance the spatial experience and accentuate the showcased products. As a client experience center, AFC Furniture Solutions has crafted an environment that marries elegance with functionality, offering an immersive journey through their exquisite range of furniture solutions.

Step into the realm of AFC Furniture Solutions' Office and Client Experience Centre and embark on a sensory exploration where design and beauty seamlessly converge.



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