10 Smart, Simple and Effective Interior Design Ideas to Refresh Your Home On A Budget in 2021

10 Smart and Simple Ways to Refresh Your Interiors On A Budget in 2021

Whether your “new” in 2021 is to buy your dream home, or you are just itching to give a mini-makeover to your room, but don’t have enough money in the budget. Fret not! SURFACES REPORTER (SR) has rounded up 10 smart, simple and effective ways to elevate your home interior design in a budget-friendly way. Take a look:

Add A Splash of Colour

Modern Home Interior Design Ideas

Nothing enlivens the interiors or can give it an ultimate refreshing appearance quicker, simpler and less expensively than paint.  For a brighter look, change old wall colours to light and airy tones. While if you want to give a warm and cozy feel, try darker shades. Or if paint the entire house is not what you want to do, you can create a feature through a gallery wall. You can check beautiful wallpapers or can search for interesting artworks and prints that reflect your style to give a striking and completely new look to your room. You can also add a bright chair to your lounge or add a statement piece of bold furniture or introduce statement tableware in the dining area.

Introduce A New Focal Point

Modern Home Interior Design Ideas

Every area in the house has a focal point that attracts everyone and sets the tone of the whole space. For instance, the bed is the main center point in the bedroom. Therefore, to give a completely new look to your interior, the first and foremost thing you can do is to introduce a new focal point to each room. Like in the bedroom, you can switch up the headboard for something latest to give a new lease of life into space. 

Go Green

Modern Home Interior Design Ideas

Make the key areas of your home feel refreshed by incorporating houseplants. Adding greenery in the front porch, entryway, or kitchen windows will make your home inviting. There is one corner in every home where nothing else fits? Why not fill up that area with potted plants, greenery, and trees. Give a new life and depth to your corner area by combining different green plants at varying heights. To save floor space, you can use hanging planters.

Bring in Mirrors

Modern Home Interior Design Ideas

Look for smaller things that can leave a larger impact to remain on your budget. Adding mirrors in the interior is not only a budget-friendly renovation option but it allows to make small rooms look larger. The best way to reflect maximum light into the room is to place a mirror on your largest wall. Or you can also place square-shaped large mirrors above a console table or mantelpiece for a striking look.

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Declutter Your Home

Modern Home Interior Design Ideas

One of the most economical ways to give a refreshing look to your home on a budget is to clean and declutter your home. Do proper dusting, vacuuming, and regular cleaning to make your space feel high-end. Clean your furniture, rugs, and especially windows to let in natural bright sunlight. Keep those extra pillows, baskets, or anything else that makes your room feel stuffy in a few affordable wicker baskets. Place them next to sofas or at the foot of your bed to organize the clutter-causing things elegantly.

Swap Out Your Throw Pillows

Modern Home Interior Design Ideas

If your living space is feeling a little monotonous or boring, consider adding a few vibrant-hued throw pillows to bring more elevating vibes.  Correct pillows serve two purposes- first, they provide comfort to the guests on the couch and the other is it can really punch-up the stylishness of the space. If you already have smaller standard-size pillows between 12 to 18 inches, consider changing them with large, overstuffed pillows for an elegant and plush look.

Update your Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Home Interior Design Ideas

If you have light-coloured kitchen cabinets, give a fresh coat of bold and bright paint to them for a refreshing look. Painting the kitchen cabinets is an easy and cheap interior design idea. Worn hardware in cabinets is also one of the reasons that the kitchen looks grimy. Replace those old tarnished knobs and pulls with new ones or at least give the metal a cleaning if you are looking for a more budget-friendly option. Just like kitchen cabinet handles, changing the handles on doors and dressers also give a different look and feel to your home.

Revamp Your Window Treatments

Modern Home Interior Design Ideas

Switching window treatments is the simplest move to completely change the overall look of the space. And, there are plenty of options when it comes to updating the window area. You can choose sheer flowy curtains to allow more sunlight to enter the space or substitute vertical blinds with roman blinds.

Add Warmth With A New Rug

Modern Home Interior Design Ideas

If your room lacks excitement, add a rug and your problem is solved. Yes, Rugs provide a sense of character and personality to the area where they are placed. If your home has a neutral tone, try to introduced patterned rugs. Rugs add warmth and help define spaces. Use rugs to create variety in an area, like if you two similar-sized rugs, try to avoid using them in a single room otherwise they visually cut the room in two. Just like you group your furniture dictate the shape of your rug. Don’t assume that it has to be a rectangle one only. If a round or oval shape rug complements your furniture, go for it.

Rearrange Furniture

Modern Home Interior Design Ideas

Sometimes rearranging furniture gives an entirely refreshing look to the room. Don’t hesitate to move things around and see what changes they bring to your space. It is a simple and inexpensive way to bring an experiment. Try using an open bookshelf as room divided or change the seating arrangement by moving your couch away from the wall. This may help you to know that you have more room than you thought.

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