A Designer-Friendly Furniture With Adjustable Desks in Four Distinct Forms

Designer-Friendly Furniture

Artists have a long hour sitting job and sometimes when the design is not coming the way it should, it feels frustrating. The reason might be the height of the desk- which is short and you have to bend your spine most of the time to give the final touch to your project or it may be the angle of the desk which is not apt for working properly. Understanding the various issues that artists or designers have to face with their desks, designer Long Chan has come up with Lift to meet their needs. Read more about the versatile designer-friendly furniture at SURFACES REPORTER (SR):

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Traditional Furniture Designs

When you look at the Lift furniture from the right angle, it appears like a huge, heavy-duty wooden TV tray table, but from the front side, it looks like an artist’s workstation.

Traditional Furniture Designs

Lift has two sliding wooden pegs on both of its sides. The front wooden pegs lower the desk’s working area which make it like a traditional writing desk. Also, making it possible to get an additional storage space for keeping things just like traditional secretary desk.

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Traditional Furniture Designs

The other sliding wooden peg, set adjacent to the desktop, allows the top of the desk to form a drawing workstation, which positions the desk's working space at an angle.

Traditional Furniture Designs

The Lift's deep cabinets are like a secretary desk that provides plenty of working and storage space.

Traditional Furniture Designs

The model of the Lift shows that it can assume four unique positions – a writing desk, a traditional secretary desk when lifting the leg’s sliding wooden peg, a storage desk, and a drawing desk. Its versatility depends on its four wooden pegs that structure it.

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Traditional Furniture Designs

The inspiration for creating Lift came to Long Chan while realizing those fussy situations when a normal traditional desk does not server all the needs of an artist or designer. It is ergonomic multifunctional furniture that cater to all your work requirements. In designer Long Chan’s words, “When the designer needs [to work in] digital…mode, he can move the height to 85cm by rotating the axis on both sides. When the designer needs to take a rest or stand, he can adjust to 110cm height. Of course, users can adjust the angle of the table while sitting, so they can draw easily and not be bothered by the problem of incorrect perspective.”

Designer: Long Chan
Image and info courtesy: yankodesign.com

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