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Shami Goregaoker

The year 2020 was something most people wouldn't like to have a cherished memory for obvious reasons, on the contrary, it also proved to be quite the eye-opener for many. Though the crisis led to widespread fear and panic all across the globe, it was also the one thing that brought humanity together, transgressing political boundaries, religions, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. It was amazing to see people from various backgrounds coming together to partake and support each other in facing the pandemic, trying to find solutions as a team. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) in association with WADE ASIA invited women in Design to share their inspiring stories from 2020. Shami Goregaoker of GA design- an architecture and interior design firm in Mumbai- shares the important lessons 2020 had taught us about life, work and togetherness. Take a look:

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The effects of Covid-19 weren't just limited to physical harm but as well having an effect on our psyche causing mental trauma. The global economy took a nosedive while all the economies of even the most developed nations plunged by significant margins. As part of this changing world scenario, we had to make changes to our lifestyle, some obvious while some out of nowhere.

We developed a greater conscious for hygiene and sanitation, putting on a mask became a part of our daily ritual and a quintessential fashion accessory and a bottle of sanitiser the first thing to be summoned out of our flamboyant handbags.

All of this led to us adopting a more frugal sense of living trying to make do with only bare essentials.

Initial Shock

We survived at some instances even with the shortage of essentials enduring it with resilience. Surviving without a house help might seem like a nightmare to some there was no choice except to zip it and do our cooking and personal laundry which though hard to admit urban Indians aren't used to, especially not for such a prolonged period of time.

Stepping out for fresh air became a luxury, and everyone including senior citizens and children was devoid of this pure joy. But as social creatures of habit, we viewed this is an opportunity and after a few months of forced solitude, we ultimately decided to snap out and addressed it by reaching out to friends and family, in some cases even reviving contact with distant relatives and long-lost friends all this by putting video calls to work.

This was an absolute delight especially for the senior citizens who missed the feeling of having their children/grandchildren around.

Technological at work

The usage of social media wasn't really put to test until last year, the entertainment industry saw a substantial rise as more people started subscribing to streaming platforms while some made use to get in check with their body and pay increased attention to their health pampering it with home-cooked food and indoor workout routines.

At the same time, some of us reached out to our domestic and other employees to provide financial support. It didn't matter whether the salaries were paid in full or half - it was much rather the feeling of empathy towards someone struggling to meet ends in a much worse situation.

Changed Perception

Isolation, quarantine and pandemic were new additions to our lingo; besides that, we underwent a major change in our thought process becoming charitable, helpful and making better use of our resources.

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We used with utmost care what we had and went without what we couldn't, and were happy to share what we had in abundance. Many people took to different forms of hobbies in their pass time trying their hand at cooking, learning musical instruments, reading and some growing a kitchen garden.

Educational Institutions quickly adapted to the norm of online teaching making sure no student misses out on academics while getting constant support from the government equipping the weaker sections with the means for online learning.

The Health systems from around the globe came together in touch trying to combat and implement solutions for prevention and ultimately cure.

This was the first time we witnessed every country coming together to battle out this common enemy. Hence after forming a view of what came out of 2020, we can't help but wonder if this was nature's way of hinting to slow down.

Can resting at home be a bad thing? Can becoming self-sufficient be a bad thing? Can finding time to pursue hobbies and interests be a bad thing?

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Can spend quality time with your family be a bad thing? Perhaps not, sure there were countless tragedies throughout the year and many lost someone dear to them furthermore many couldn't see the departed for the last time to have a decent enough funeral which is truly heart-breaking and will have greater implications on their lives.

All this became an eye-opener for The Human Race- to live life at a sustainable pace, to spread love and stay united. Lastly, this also taught us to be hopeful when everything seems to be falling apart as we all have a sense of resilience in us.

As of today, the governments are still taking baby steps to normalise life for their countrymen, things have slowly but steadily started to move in a better direction proving that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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