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Bentu Design Upgrades Smashed

Bentu Design Upgrades Smashed, Wasted Daily-Use Ceramics into Decorative Bricks

The rapid development of the ceramic industry in the eastern Guangdong province of China led to an increase in the amount of ceramic waste in Cha...

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Designer Reinvents

Designer Reinvents Century-Old Jaipur Blue Pottery with Discarded Sanitary ware Waste | SR Exclusive

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. While big companies generate environmental hazards and add a ton to the mountain of trash, local busin...

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Homeware Products

Earth Tatva Artistically Transforms Post-Industrial Waste into Homeware Products | SR Decor

Fascinated with the idea of turning waste into a valuable resource, National Institute of Design (NID) student Shashank Nimkar established Earth ...

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