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Barovier & Toso

Barovier & Toso Available at Emery Studio Unveils a Spectacular Chandelier

Bespoke decorative lighting, home decor and tableware specialist Emery Studio brings to India, the beautiful 4607 chandelier by Barovier & Toso. ...

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Sans Souci, India, Zore, Glass, Designer Katarina Lukackova, crystal

Sans Souci’s Zore Mirrors Optical Crystal Patterns | Material Update

Sans Souci has launched in India a new statement light called Zore that cuts a stunning sculptural look. Zore has been conceived through long and...

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World Architecture Day

World Architecture Day: 25 Beautifully Designed Architectural Wonders

Architecture and design are few of the art forms which have successfully mesmerized the world and stayed firm through the test of time. Besides i...

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Tipstudio Creates Alchemy of Metal Waste and Material Hybridization | Secondo Fuoco

An experimental material research with a sartorial and sensorial approach through an emotional implication is the result of Tipstudio’s recent sl...

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Fountain, Hand-made with Thousands of Parts in Crystal and Artistic Glass

A Fountain Hand-made with Crystal and Artistic Glass

The Royal Palace Fountain is a monumental fountain in precious crystal and artistic glass, where light, water, and colours merge in a fairy-tale ...

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