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This Eclectic Bengaluru Restaurant is born from Reclaimed Materials | The Circus Canteen

These materials were carefully sorted into distinct categories, ranging from home appliances to toy cars. The result is an eclectic interior show...

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This Pedestal-like Parking holds up a Gleaming Glass Office Tower | 405 Colorado

The signature architecture combines a sculptural glass form that meets a terracotta base to match the city’s progressive urban spirit.

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FAP Ceramiche’s Tile Collection

FAP Ceramiche’s Tile Collection Captures the Essence of Italy

FAP Ceramiche’s nature-inspired porcelain stoneware tile collection is an amalgamation of traditional, artisanal craftsmanship and versatile, mod...

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This Mesmerizing Mosaic Masterpiece Enriches an Outdoor Sanctuary | Broken Pavilion

A recent addition to this outdoor haven is the Broken Pavilion, a magnificent mosaic sculpture wall by American contemporary artist Rashid Johnso...

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