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Designer Repurposes Discarded Avocado Seeds into Construction Material | Avocado Seed Brick

Pombo’s personal project, Fragmentario, began while she was working as a fashion designer. Initially a small project, it grew in scope and became...

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Fish Scales Repurposed into Stone-like Tiles | Scalite

Made entirely from fish scales, Scalite is a renewable byproduct of the fishing and aquaculture industries.

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Studio Segers

Made from 100% Recycled Post-Consumer Plastics, This Outdoor Seating Offers Endless Configurations | H-Bench

With their recent innovation, Studio Segers has figured out a way to turn household plastic waste into something that is not only environmentally...

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Plastic Waste

Made of 20 kg Plastic Waste, Peggy Chair Explores a Circular Design Model | Space Available X DJ Peggy Gou

Followed by China, Indonesia is the world’s second-largest contributor to ocean plastic, where 10 per cent of the 6.8 million ton of generated pl...

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Heliograf Fashions

Heliograf Fashions Fish-Shaped Soy Sauce Packets into Pop Art Lamps

Inspired by the fish-shaped soy sauce packets which are served with sushi in many sushi shops around the world, designers Jeffrey Simpson and Ang...

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Plastic Waste gets a Second Life through Furniture and Household Goods | Plastplan

Known for focusing on using recycled materials that are mainly plastic, Plastplan design studio has developed a machine that can be used for recy...

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furniture, home decor and even building facades

Bioplastic Made of Forest and Farm Waste Locks in Carbon for Centuries | Made of Air

Germany-based Made of Air has developed a bioplastic that is derived from brunt plants and forestry and farm waste that possesses multiple uses s...

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Researchers Develop Squid-Skin inspired Energy-Saving Windows

The system utilizes micro-fluidics with flat sheets of plastic containing channels through which fluids can be pumped.

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