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Carbon Neutral Concrete

A Solution for Carbon-Neutral Concrete is Here | Seratech

Sam Draper and Barney Shanks, material researchers and PhD students at the Imperial College London, recently created a solution for carbon-neutra...

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Fish Scales Repurposed into Stone-like Tiles | Scalite

Made entirely from fish scales, Scalite is a renewable byproduct of the fishing and aquaculture industries.

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European brick and ceramic makers shutting plants, blaming the rising energy cost | SURFACES REPORTER Material News Update

Many ceramic tile and brick makers in several European countries have closed down the factories amidst the rising cost of gas which will lead to ...

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Homeware Products

Earth Tatva Artistically Transforms Post-Industrial Waste into Homeware Products | SR Decor

Fascinated with the idea of turning waste into a valuable resource, National Institute of Design (NID) student Shashank Nimkar established Earth ...

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