Studio Mortazavi Designs Worlds First 3D Printed School in Madagascar | Thinking Huts

Studio Mortazavi Designs Worlds First 3D Printed School in Madagascar | Thinking Huts

Studio Mortazavi, an architectural design agency based in San Francisco, Lisbon, and Paris has collaborated with non-profit organisation Thinking Huts to design the world's first 3D printed school for a University in Fianarantsoa, Madagascar. The 3D printed school, built from concrete and locally sourced construction materials, will feature solar panels and a beehive structure that allow for the connectivity of multiple schools. The project aims to solve the shortage of educational infrastructure in several countries, leading to fewer kids getting a proper and necessary education. Called 'Hut V1.0', the project will be used as a prototype to examine movability and cost-effectiveness. Read more about the project at SURFACES REPORTER (SR):


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Worlds First 3D Printed School

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 1.5 billion students are out of school. 'Insufficient investment in physical infrastructure is one of the largest barriers to education,' explains thinking huts. '3D printing will bridge the opportunity gap while encouraging innovation and economic growth. We cannot promise an end-all solution to all of the problems surrounding education, but we are promising a start," they further added.

Design Details

The 3D printed school's design seems simple but quite effective. It attributes a beehive pattern that allows for the connection of multiple schools. It also features solar panels and vertical farms. The school's pilot project will be built of a hybrid design highlighting 3-D printed walls and locally sourced building materials for the door, roofs and windows.

Worlds First 3D Printed School

The design team used galvanised metal on the roof and covered it with native grass that blends in with the surroundings.

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Different pods in school can serve varied functions, such as science labs, classrooms, and dance studios. 3D-printed concrete aggregate is used to create each pod. The mixture for construction is made from recycled materials to minimise CO2 emissions. Pod walls also contain "Pockets" that allow for vertical farms. Also, these can be doubled as climbing walls for children.

Each hut will have operating windows, a secure door, and internet access. The interiors of the school will house chairs, desks and tables.

Worlds First 3D Printed School

The architect has not considered the current COVID-19 restrictions for school design. The architect is confident that by the time the first school launches in the summer of 2021-22 (December to March in Madagascar), the entire world will be immunised. However, if, in any case, it does not happen by then, the students will have to wear masks. He also says that they can easily add some plexi partitions on the desks. Also, sufficient air ventilation at the top of the walls will allow for fresh air circulation and keep the environment cool.

Worlds First 3D Printed School

The design team said, "We will use locally-sourced materials, remaining conscious of our environmental impact, and implement more additive manufacturing processes as the technology advances, adapting to each community's environment."

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Worlds First 3D Printed School

The local involvement of people will teach community members how to optimize the 3D printer so that they can replicate the process to build more schools in the future, says the design studio.

The school will be constructed in partnership with Finnish 3D technology company Hyperion Robotics.  has been used for designing the project. Thinking huts, the non-profit NGO is currently fundraising to help fund the school construction. The construction work is set to start in July or August 2021.

Project Details:

Project Name: Hut V1.0
Architecture Firm: Studio Mortazavi
Location: Fianarantsoa?, Madagascar
Organization: Thinking Huts
Source: Thinkinghuts | World Economic Forum

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