Smart Arch Studio Uses Parametric Triangular Mosaics To Give A Distinctive and Timeless Appeal to SAS Office

sas office

Interesting and eye-catching triangulated patterns in this office give a unique sensorial experience to the user. Designed by Smart Arch Studio led by Anupam Gupta, SAS office is an interior design project adapted to an existing space. The concept behind this architectural office was to stimulate the user senses through the form. The interplay of volumes, non-rectilinear visual appearance, and the fragmentation of the surfaces are the main guidelines of this project. The program includes a reception area, conference room, coworking area, and kitchen distributed in 88.50m2. This piece gives more information about the project shared with SURFACES REPORTER (SR) by the design team. Take a look:

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SAS-Offices-Smart-Arch-Studio-surfaces-reporter The notion of employing parametric tools in the interiors gives an elevated look to the offices. “Through the application of generative design, we could explore different design possibilities taking into account feasibility, time and material optimization.


The result is a space that follows a rationalistic layout in contrast to its parametric skin, which gives us a different twist on how we perceive beauty, as a "controlled chaos",” said the design team.


Three-Dimensional Parameterized Surface in The Reception Area

A set of triangular volumes are distributed along the reception area, where the user gets the opportunity to interact with its volumetry as it approaches down in different heights.


The fragmentation of triangular mosaic results in a combination of shades, which gives a perception of depth and three-dimensionality. 


The Interplay of Light and Shadow

Lights are cautiously located along with the space in different faces of the volumes, which are discovered while walking through the gallery.

SAS-Offices-Smart-Arch-Studio-surfaces-reporter At this point, reflective materials are used in the walls to create an effect of amplitude, while new visuals of the origami ceiling reflections are discovered from different angles and points of view.

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Two-dimensional Effect in the Conference Area

While approaching from the reception area to the conference room, the visuals focus on a 2d effect coming from the wall to the ceiling.


SAS-Offices-Smart-Arch-Studio-surfaces-reporter An irregular line guides the triangular pattern as it gradually grows while approaching it. While direct light spreads in the room, indirect light enhances the parametric pattern in half-light.


In the working area, a common work table is located in the center, which allows the interaction between the workers and around it, a space for circulation and furniture. The contrast of exposed concrete, aluminum, and steel adds an industrial language to the space

Project Details

Project Name: SAS Office
Architecture Firm: SAS architects
Completion Year: 2021

About the Firm (SAS)

SAS (Smart Arch Studio) is an architecture firm founded in 2018 by Anupam Gupta, principal architect who graduated from Amity University, Delhi-India and M.Arch in Parametric Design in Architecture at UPC / Barcelona-Spain. The firm strives to create a design that inspires, approaching each project, regardless of size and scale, with an understanding that architecture has a unique power to influence lifestyle and society. Currently, their offices are in Delhi-India, developing our projects both nationally and internationally. Since its inception, the firm has undertaken over 30 projects across India and abroad in collaboration with their international partner firms in different countries like Mexico, Ecuador, Egypt and other parts of the world. The firm is dedicated to a unique design approach adapted to each project while achieving a balance between functionality, aesthetics, context and climate.

SAS office


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