Give Your Home A Modern Look With These Multi-Functional Furniture | SR Idea Book

Give Your Home A Modern Look With These Multi-Functional Furniture  | SR Idea Book

Modern-day homes require modern-day solutions. Trending houses and commercial spaces need space management along with classy furniture items. Managing space with minimum yet customized furniture is a flux in today’s time. Here are 15 trending multi-functional furniture ideas brought to you by SURFACES REPORTER (SR) that can be used in both commercial and residential spaces.  

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Shelf Lamp: Ever thought of a layer of shelves that also converts into a lamp? No, right! A shelf lamp is one of the trendy multi-functional choices that work as a space to keep décor items but is also a lamp on the top layer. This lamp works great for both residential and commercial spaces. 

Sofa cum Bed: A sofa cum bed has been a multi-functional piece of furniture for years. One can use it as a bedding area whenever required. These are available in multilayer and nowadays, a sofa cum bed is also available with a side table to keep the items or books. 

Storage Sofa or Chair: A sofa that works as a storage area, but is also used as a common sofa is surely the need of the hour. Not only one can sit on it, but one can also use it to store toys for kids or keep laundry.  

Mini Table, Laptop Stand: With the pandemic going on, a laptop stand for people working from home is a must. A mini laptop stand that also works as a table is the kind of multi-functional furniture that almost everyone needs. This mini table can also be used as a mini study table for kids. 

Convertible Coffee Table and Arm Chair: Need a coffee table? You got it! Need an armchair with stuffed cushions? Guess, you got it! The trending multi-functional coffee table that converts into an armchair is a must-have. Want to relax, turn it upside down. Have guests over and need a coffee table, turn it the other way around.  

Box Wardrobe with Mirror: For small apartments and office spaces with small bathrooms, a box wardrobe with a mirror is the perfect solution to manage space and make a storage area. The mirror box is hung on the wall and can store items within the box.  

Mirror cum Table: This mirror cum table is the most useful multi-functional furniture item that everyone needs. When you need a mirror, pull it over the wall. When you need a table, pull it down and your dining/coffee table is ready to use.  

Huk Table: A Huk table or a side table that is multi-functional is the most required table for office spaces. It can be used to keep books, items for the office, a laptop or even can be used to sit. It’s a stool, a chair, a coffee table, a laptop table and whatnot. 

Library Chair: For bookworms, a chair that carries their favourite books is a dream. Here’s a library chair that stores the books at the sides or the chair while also used as a chair to sit and read on. This is perfect for commercial and residential spaces where people love to read and learn.  

Double Layer Coffee Table: The wonders of interior décor items are surely endless. Here’s to another coffee table that is double decker meaning you can use keep your coffee at one decker and food items or beverages on the other decker. It is small in size and utilize minimum space but gives maximum advantages due to its properties.  

Full Wall Bed Kit: A Murphy bed has been used in the past for small spaces. Here’s another innovation in the Murphy bed where a wardrobe is made on the three sides of the bed and the bed can be pulled over the wall. You can also use the underneath of the bed as a study table during the day.  

Sofa That Hides Chairs: Innovation has come a long way. Here’s another customized multi-functional furniture item that can hide small chairs within the sofa. These small chairs can be joined together and used as a coffee table or can be unfolded to become a bedding area.  

Coffee Table cum Snooker Table: People nowadays require a play area within their homes. This multi-functional furniture is well suited to fulfil this purpose in both commercial and residential spaces. When you need a dining area or a coffee table, just keep the covers on. Need a play area for snooker or pool, remove the top-flat layer of the table and you’re good to go.  

Convertible Ladder Chair: Need a place to sit, use this item as a chair. Need to pick items from height, convert it into a ladder. This multi-functional convertible ladder chair is the furniture item that modern commercial and residential spaces need.  

Jewellery Cabinet cum Mirror: Women surely need a separate space to keep all their jewellery and what could be better if they get this space with a mirror. A jewellery cabinet cum mirror holds space to keep jewellery within and works as a mirror on the outside.  

Try these tricks to give your commercial and residential space a new, modern look, utilizing minimum space. Do let us know how these ideas worked for you.


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