10 Simple and Stunning Design Ideas for Kitchens

Kitchen Walls Decor and Designs

As the coronavirus pandemic creates more work-from-home opportunities for people around the world, it also gives everyone a chance to take a breather at home. If you are stuck at home and want a bit of change, it might be time to start looking around the house and finding spaces to fix or renovate. For most of us, the kitchen would be one of the first places that we would turn to, for remodelling or renovation. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) understands how confusing this process can be and so, we’re here to make the process easier.

The kitchen, especially in modern estates, is often linked to the living room. Open-play kitchens such as these may not go well with the vibe and decor of the lounging area. This is when you could take the matter into your own hands and start remodelling the kitchen based on your ideas. If you live in a smaller apartment, chances are that your kitchen space has been neglected by the contractor. This is when you can take some inspiration and create something a bit more personalized for yourself. Read on to find some interesting ideas which can make your morning coffee at the kitchen counter a much better experience.

Country style: 

If you need something to remind yourself of the days gone by, at a beautiful suburban home, and a rustic mood, a country-style kitchen could work for you pretty well. Think of adding wooden cabinets, instead of the usual stock material, and add faux raised legs to them as well. Open shelving could also help you remove a lot of clutter. This new design could give you the smell of the suburban in the metropolitan.

Kitchen Walls Designs

Go Dark(er): 

In the past decade, most modern estates have been pairing the contemporary kitchen design with dull white shades for the cabinet and tabletops. We recommend you to go the other way - use black marble for the tabletop and go darker when it comes to the tones of the cabinets. Usually, different tones supplementing the dark overlay of the kitchen counter would work well.

Kitchen Walls Designs

Cottage industry: 

Have you ever wondered what it's like to live in the English countryside, especially in the past? Well, this design evokes the true spirit of the English countryside by using brass as the material for metal objects around the kitchen. The brass then develops a different shade as it gets oxidized over time. Most of the cabinets can be painted white (especially if you have a small kitchen). This will reflect a lot of light, and thus give the illusion of a bigger kitchen.

Kitchen Walls Designs

Minimize space wastage: 

If you have a small area in your kitchen that is not being used, add a small counter to it. If you want, you can also add a few chairs around it. This will enable the space to be used as a dining area, as well as the space for keeping some extra products and equipment. You can also use it as an area for prepping before the cooking process starts.

Kitchen Walls Designs

Light fixtures: 

Experimenting with light fixtures is a great way to spice up your remodelling session of the kitchen. There are different kinds of lights, with very ambient colour schemes and made of different materials. Based on what you like, you can either choose one which sticks out and catches the eye, or something which gels well with the vibe you want in your kitchen area.

Kitchen Walls Designs

Greenery Matters: 

Adding a bit of greenery to your kitchen area can work well in a myriad of ways. Firstly, they make the air around you healthier. Secondly, you can add a small kitchen garden where you grow some easy produce. Thirdly, the added greenery also creates a more natural and calming feel. This works especially well in the summers as a cooling effect for your eyes.

Kitchen Walls Designs

Floating Tables: 

Got some extra space for a counter and a seat? Add a floating table. Not only will it add a bit of panache to a modern kitchen, but it will also provide you with a counter for keeping extra equipment and other kitchenware/appliances.

Kitchen Walls Designs

Colour Schemes: 

Try painting parts of your kitchen based on the materials used for kitchen countertops and tabletops. Instead of the usual white/black monochrome or duo-chrome look, try to add a splash of colour. For example, the right shade of blue can look amazing on your cabinets if it complements the texture of wood used in the kitchen.

Kitchen Walls Designs

Chalkboard paint: 

This one is unique. Decide on a wall in your kitchen and paint it with chalkboard paint. This will allow you to write down your to-do lists or recipes for dishes, right in your kitchen. It won't look cluttered. Instead, it might remind you of an Italian countryside eatery, with a chalkboard menu. The possibilities and imagination are endless.

Kitchen Walls Designs

Mirror backsplash: 

We usually do not think of the backsplash when we are thinking about kitchen modelling. However, if your kitchen is small, a mirror backsplash can reflect a lot of light. This will give the illusion of a bigger kitchen, with a lot of natural lighting.

Kitchen Walls Designs

Kitchens are a very essential part of the household and the more aesthetically pleasing they are, the easier it is to work in them. With this thought on your minds, get ready to design away towards a more stylish kitchen! 

Image Courtesy: Houzz, Luxury Glassny, Decoraid, Pinterest. 
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