Best Colors for Bedrooms

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The home, the hearth is the one safe space for all. It is not only made of material objects but every nook and cranny of a home harbors dreams and love. This home itself, beautiful and brimming with love, is a dream for many. And the bedroom, a sanctuary to refresh, rewind, realign. Therefore, it demands nothing but perfection. The one thing that truly gives character to a bedroom is the color that is chosen fit for it. Color is the best way to infuse the owner's personality into their space. Curating a color combination, however, is no easy fit. But here’s a few color combinations to get creative juices flowing.  


1. Burgundy and Beige 

Starting off with a bit of a bold choice here but everything about this combination screams royal. This combination works because the beige stops the burgundy from overpowering everything else. The addition of neutral beige with a rich warm color like burgundy makes the combination a bit more sublime. The combination, as a whole, leans towards the warm side of the spectrum. Vintage interior decoration would elevate the combination and any bedroom; however, it is also totally possible to keep the décor at a minimum and let the colors with the jewel tone of burgundy shine. It works either way. 

2. Grey and Teal 

 This sounds like an unusual combination but it works. Grey is considered dull or too brooding but alternatively, it also gives an edgy vibe to the overall ambience. This is the perfect color to go for if one is going for an industrial influence in their bedroom. Teal is the perfect surprise to go with to cut off the monotonous, brooding effect of grey. Together the combination presents a very modern look for any space. A few accessories in the bedroom will increase the appeal of this combination.  

3. Lavender and Off-White 

Here is a more subtle color combination for the bedroom. Lavender is very much in vogue right now. Aside from being trendy, this color is soothing to the eyes, therefore, is a perfect addition to a bedroom space. It is soothing but not dull. Off-white is the perfect choice to go with it as it complements the color well. Together they create a relaxing combination. It is best to keep the other additions to the bedroom in the white family for this combination.  

4. Light Blue and Radiant Yellow 

This is a very happy color combination for a bedroom. This works perfectly for children's rooms. Blue and yellow don't seem like they would work together, either they will overpower each other or contrast each other too much. But with clever placement, this combination works wonders. Like a solid radiant yellow canvas against a light blue wall or a radiant yellow comforter against blue walls and other smaller radiant yellow accessories throughout.

5. White With Wooden Colors

This is for those who are looking for a classic combination. This is a classic for a reason, this combination exudes elegance, sophistication. It’s simplicity at its best. This combination gives enough breathing space to the room, makes it look bigger. Cherry on the top is that it leaves enough room to experiment with interior décor. A Scandinavian décor would go effortlessly with this combo, so would the insta-famous modern bohemian-chic.  

6. Grey and Black 

This combination may sound formidable but is one of the more luxe ones on the list. This is a kind of combination that bachelors look for their bachelor pads. Both the colors complement each other well, they play off of each other. But the whole thing can get overpowering if not treated well. A room with grey walls and black décor pieces will restore balance to this combination. Wooden furniture along with this color scheme add to the luxury quotient.  

Choosing color for any part of one's home is a personal process. It also depends in the space itself. Lighter colors go well in smaller spaces as they make the space look bigger. Darker blacks or greys wouldn't quite accentuate a place that gets a lot of sunlight like a lighter color would.  


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