Reimagine Your Bedroom Interiors With A Varied Closet Design Style

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The beauty of a bedroom is more than its decor and design. However, a well-thought-out closet is a significant asset of the space catering to the storage & augmentation of the aesthetics. Just as the idea of an Indian home varies from place to place, so do the wardrobe designs for bedrooms. While luxurious independent houses may have stunning walk-in closet designs fabricated with the latest cabinetry styles, smaller apartments in urban cities often comprise makeshift built-ins or freestanding storage. But the universal concept remains the same, finding contemporary customized wardrobe designs that optimize storage space, accommodating everything you own. Abhishek Chadha CEO & Founder at “The KariGhars” shared with SURFACES REPORTER (SR) the closet organization ideas to make your space look stylish and bigger.  


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wardrobe-Wardrobe Interior Designs Ideas

The interior designers follow a few general thumb rules to abide by while designing a wardrobe. They believe it is vital to inventory one’s belongings that helps them gauge the space required. It becomes key to ascertain how much space will suffice for shelving, hanging, and storing, along with the availability of space to accommodate the wardrobe size. The closet design chosen must fit comfortably while being in symmetry with the other furniture incorporated. The designers need to prioritize the client if they prefer a walk-in closet, built-in closet, or an entirely freestanding closet.

A Style Statement

The wardrobe is crucial in making a style statement for your bedroom. The chosen material should blend seamlessly with the bedroom design scheme that sits within the concept, even adding to the perfect contrast. Nowadays, sliding door shutters are more in demand owing to their space-effective quality for smaller rooms.

wardrobe-design-ideas-The Karighars-abhishek-chaddha

Once the exterior is decided upon, crafting the space inside becomes the next critical step, taking care of ergonomics and accessibility. According to Abhishek Chadha, a stacking space is essential for seasoned clothes, while drawers are more preferably built at strategic heights for everyday use.

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Wardrobe Designs: What Materials To Use

A wardrobe mainly consists of two parts - the inner body and the shutters. The overall skeleton can be made of HDF, plywood, or wood. However, the texture and color of the materials on the doors bring out the essence of wardrobe design.


It is wise to make the wardrobe designs stand out by integrating a shaded hue on the plywood without any additional paneling, with a glossy or matte finish. There can also be more than one color to accentuate well-defined compartments or divisions.

Glass Paneling

With compact rooms, assimilating reflective glass or back-painted glass paneling used on shutters creates an illusion for the space to appear extensive. Glasses can be customized to various shapes, sizes, and colors depending upon the bedroom's theme.

wardrobe-design-ideas-The Karighars-abhishek-chaddha

These glasses can either be directly pasted on plywood or can be encased within an aluminium profile, bestowing clean lines on the wardrobe. For a bedroom that lacks a dresser, an all-mirror look is the perfect solution to go with. This again can go with spaces that feel compact and have a dire need for a wardrobe. Including a mirror presents a chic appearance adding a luxe appeal to the room.



Wood is a material that offers a diverse range of self-design and patterns. It can amplify the look of a simple wooden cupboard. Wooden closets with similar furniture go well with any color palette, be it monochromatic neutral or contrast.


To add elegant vibrance, incorporating a latticework wardrobe can infuse a room with adequate opulence. This design style can be used in a girl’s bedroom, where a PU touch of blush pink appeals to the lattice grids.


By far, laminates have been holistic in the majority of Indian homes owing to their availability, pricing, and durability. Laminates come in varied textures, colors, and patterns.

wardrobe-design-ideas-The Karighars-abhishek-chaddha

They can fabricate a lustrous feel and a rustic look altogether, adding subtle grandeur & charm to space. Along with the laminate, one can also have a contrasting blend of metal or glass inserts that breaks the monotony of the wardrobe while still adding extra glamour.


Metals introduced in wardrobes in the form of long handles add a chic look to the overall decor. Metal handles can also be cast from various alloys of copper, iron, or brass.

Rattan Cane Shutters

To add a vernacular touch to your bedroom, wardrobes that embrace shutters can be integrated.

rattan-cane-shuttersThese shutters are made of rattan cane, achieving a wicker look and ideally synchronize well with wooden furniture, offering a comfortable warmth to the bedroom. 

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Closets can have different permutations and combinations in terms of sizing & compartmentalization. Some wardrobes stretch from floor to ceiling, while some encompass a dresser or a T.V unit within.

wardrobe-design-ideas-The Karighars-abhishek-chaddha

Closets can also be structured around a window or a door instead of wasting an entire wall on cupboards. A window ledge can be introduced between the wardrobe, where a mere colored fabric can help enhance the complexion of a wall.

An ideal wardrobe would be one with adjustable components. Customizing serves both the shelves and drawers to fit the belongings where it becomes convenient to find what is being searched for and the style statement acquired by mixing pieces. 

*This is an authored piece by Abhishek Chadha, CEO & Founder at “The KariGhars”

Karighar-Bedroom and Kitchen Interior Design
Abhishek Chadha- Founder & Ceo at "The KariGhars"

About the Firm:

Known as the undisputed ‘Gods of contemporary design’, The KariGhars is the leading interior design firm in Bangalore. Founded in 2009 by the entrepreneur par excellence, Abhishek Chadha, they undertake complete turnkey projects for villas & apartments. In addition to that, they customize wardrobes, entertainment units, modular kitchens & built-in furniture to fit the space & style of a project.

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