How to design kitchen backsplash?

In the recent times we have observed that Kitchen backsplashes have become something of necessity and something that started off as functional convenience, has been turning into the epitome of a style statement for your kitchen. Welcome to the world of kitchen backsplashes- offer protection to your walls and showcase your inner creative through colour, prints and texture to your kitchen. Going by the book, a backsplash is a straight surface, which has been installed usually upright on the wall right behind the countertop that houses the stove and basin to protect the wall from moisture, oil, and other splashes of fluids.

Backsplashes are becomingan extremely popular choice for interior designers for modular kitchens in today’s world. They have the potential to become a major point of attraction in the house. All while keeping the wall between the countertop free from stains.If one wishes to go the extra mile it’s not at all a bad idea to go all out by covering the entirety of the wall with a patterned stylish backsplash.

Materials for kitchen backsplash

Backsplashes are available in a multitude of designs that are further available into a bunch of unique materials and exciting patterns. Ranging all the way from simple and minimalistic ones to bold designs and flamboyant ones. Apart from just the design what makes a backsplash design a good choice is the material.

Here’s some materials that have seen popularity in the recent times:

1. Natural stone

The natural stone and it’s grainy texture offers a unique look to the kitchen backsplash. They offers a rough and rugged charm but require high maintenance and require sealing from time to time.

2. Glass Tiles

These are made up of thin layers of glass with crystalline gloss materialembossed onto the back of every tile. Its glaze and reflection of colours make it look extremely elegant.They also put on a show by reflecting your kitchen lights making your kitchen space feel bigger

3. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles have been the most conventional choice of material for kitchen backsplashes due to factors like affordability and durability and since it’s so popular there are numerous choices for it. Onebig benefit of using ceramic tiles is that they are low maintenance something almost everyone will appreciate.

4. Marble

Marble offers a unique design and alongside makes the space look and feel luxurious. Just like porcelain tiles it’s also easy to clean but might usually come in lighter tones which can be a bonus if that’s the styling one if going for. It has a major downside in terms of durability it is soft and porous, in nature and is susceptible to cracks and to top that off is quite expensive which is definitely something to be considered.

Things to be kept in mind while designing kitchen backsplash

Before adding a backsplash to your kitchen it is important to have a basic understanding of a few things that’ll help in the process and can help to balance colour, personality, and blend in different design elements. Here’s a few things you should definitely keep in mind before adding a new backsplash in your Kitchen space.

1. Layout

The most important thing is the kitchen layout as your backsplash design will primarily depend on this aspect including the positioning of your appliances.

2. Accuracy of Measurements

Measurements are extremely important as it varies upon the kind of design you want to go for and the layout. It also helps estimate the amount of material that will be used in the design.

 3. Type of Designs

Just like other aspects, the understanding of the design you have chosen for your kitchen, one needs to keep in mind the overall style and aesthetic of their kitchen to get desired results in their final backsplash.

4. The Pros and The Cons

Just like every good has a subsequent bad side, materials for kitchen backsplashes are no different and it’s extremely important to weight the pros and cons for the material you plan on using to create your Kitchen Backsplash.


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