11 Reasons To Choose PVC Panels Over Ceramic Tiles

11 Reasons To Choose  PVC Panels Over Ceramic Tiles

PVC panels are the go-to choice of Surface Décor material that is a very trendy choice for most homeowners, architects and interior designers these days. Not only is the material sustainable but also works well in any kind of space it is installed at. One does not need to worry about maintaining them every day. Once installed, they just need to be looked after once in a while. In this article by SURFACES REPORTER (SR), we will tell you why PVC panels are better than ceramic tiles and how you can use them in moist areas as well.

Easy to install: PVC panel is very easy to install. One just has to place them on the surface wherever they are placing them. Whereas ceramic tiles need a base, grout and a lot of time to install.

Multiple varieties: PVC panels are available in a lot of sizes, colours, textures, finishes and thicknesses whereas Ceramic tiles are available in sizes and patterns only.

DIY possible:  It is very easy to DIY PVC panels at home. Nobody needs to worry about hiring a professional while installing PVC. Ceramic tiles cannot be correctly installed without a professional. One or the other problem will be there while DIYing ceramic tiles at home.

Waterproof: PVC panels are highly water resistant due to their properties. They don’t hold the water on the surfaces and can last for a long time in areas with high moisture. Ceramic tiles can fade with time due to moisture or they can chip as well. Sometimes, the grout of ceramic tiles might come off due to moisture.

Can be installed over existing tiles: One can easily install PVC panels over existing ceramic tiles. PVC tiles do not need a rough or dry surface like ceramic tiles during installation. Ceramic tiles cannot be installed over any kind of existing tiles. To install them, a proper rough surface and a base is needed.

Easier to maintain: PVC panels are very easy to maintain. You just have to wipe them once in a while only to remove any kind of dust from their surfaces whereas ceramic tiles need to be cleaned every now and then in order to maintain their shine and remove germs or dust particles.

Cheaper than tiles: PVC panels cost less than ceramic tiles which makes it a favourable option for surface décor material for most homeowners, architects and interior designers. Ceramic tiles can cost hefty if installed.

Can be installed on the ceiling as well: For ceilings, one can use PVC panels as they can be installed anywhere in an estate while Ceramic tiles are heavy and cannot be installed as a surface material on the ceilings.

No mess during the uninstallation: You may not face any kind of mess during uninstalling a PVC panel as they come off too easily. Ceramic tiles may break, and you may have to remove the excess base as well which will create a mess during ceramic tile uninstallation.

Doesn’t fade: PVC panels do not fade with time as they are an artificial material. They can last long in the exact same colour as they were when installed. Ceramic tiles fade with time no matter how nicely you maintain them.

Durable: PVC panels are much more durable than ceramic tiles. They do not chip, fade, break or hold moisture within the panel. Ceramic tiles are less durable as they grout, chip, break and fade with time.

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