Wooden Wall Designs and Panels for Bedroom

Natural wood has become a way to go for home owners now a days. Wood panels are not limited to backdrops only. Now-a-days, people have starting using wood panels on ceilings and walls of their bedroom in order to connect well with the nature. Wood not just brings peace to the mind but also gives a lavish look to the whole space if matched well with the right kind of accessories and furniture of the space. Surfaces Reporter has listed down some wood panel design ideas for modern bedrooms that will help you know why it has become so trendy these days and you can find out what will suit you the best for your bedroom.

Wood mosaics: Wood panels are available in different shapes and design or you can say that they can be customized as per your requirements. Try making a mosaic designs and match it well in different shapes on your wall or ceiling to bring out a chic look in the bedroom.

Different textured wood panels: Natural wood is available in different textures. You can go ahead with a mix of different textures of wood panels for your walls. This will literally bring the nature to your room where panels of different woods will be in one space and add a panache in the bedroom.

Ceiling wood panels: People often tend to use linear wood panels on the ceiling but we say GO BOLD with a flat piece of wood panel. Make statement in the bedroom with the wood panel for ceiling. Instead of using multiple linear panels, we suggest go with just a single sheet of a wood panel.

Wall wood panels: For walls, multiple designer wood panels are available. One can go with a mix of colors or shapes or finishes. You can try going with a minimalist wall wood panel and use the one that is elegant yet makes your space look cozy enough to snuggle in.

Floor to ceiling wood panels: try going with a single design that starts with the floors and ends at the ceiling. You can also stretch the wood panel under the bed that will also help in lifting the bed up from the floor and make your bedroom look really luxurious.

Add LED lights: LED Lights have surely become a way to enhance any kind of surroundings these days. Try adding bedside lamps or wall mount lamps on the wood panels and your bedroom will always look fresh as new. You can also use brass lamps or Turkish lamps to give the room a more natural feel.

Play with ceiling lights: LED Lights on ceiling is surely a good idea. For spaces like bedroom, LED lights are a must. Instead of using lights on the walls, you can go ahead with white lights for a modern look or yellow lights for a more natural look.

Add chandelier to ceiling wood panels: Adding a brass chandelier matched with a dark color wood panel on the ceiling will bring the aesthetics in your room. Try matching your ceiling with the right kind of chandelier and you will get your desired bedroom.

Make art of wood panel: You can simply just align the wood panel and paint your art on the wood panel. The paint stays on for years. You can use as many colors as you’d like or just make a scripture of your choice, whichever suits you.

Attic style ceiling wood panels: If you have a country side house or want a similar feel, try an attic style ceiling wood panel design. It will give you the feel of country side and match it well with your furniture as well.

Go for symmetry: Symmetrical design is never off the table. For a subtle look in your bedroom, you can simply just go with two similar looking wood panels and make a symmetrical wood panel design on the wall or the ceiling.


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