Mind Manifestation Uses 90s Nostalgia to Design A Cheerful and Interactive Space in This Preschool in Pune

Mind Manifestation Uses 90s Nostalgia to Design A Cheerful and Interactive Space in This Preschool in Pune

The first five years of a child's life are essentially crucial as they play a vital role in their brain development. Hence, giving a nurturing environment during this period encourages their holistic development and paves way for a bright future. With this thing in mind, Jumpstart, a preschool- assigned Anand Deshmukh and Chetan Lahoti, Principal Architects at Mind Manifestation, to design a happy and cheerful space on the rooftop of the playschool. With the rooftop area lying unused for long, the owners desired it to be transformed into a perennial space. For this, the design team used natural wood with a bold material palette in the design process. Further, they peppered the space with 90’s school elements like slates, boards, and a call bell to evoke the feeling of nostalgia. Architects shared more about the design with SURFACES REPORTER (SR). Take a look:


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The pre-school office interestingly stands in a busy area surrounded by a Tech park on one side and a famous eatery on another. The pre-school structure is blessed with ample natural light which has been used copiously in the project. The owners commissioned the work to Mind Manifestation for redesigning the longly unused rooftop area so that it would look welcoming to the parents coming to enroll their kids as well as visually appealing to their tiny tots.  

90’s Nostalgia

The schools in the 90s had typical symbolic elements which are in the subconscious memories of kids of that era. Considering the age group of the visitors, the architects tried to insert some of such nostalgic elements which rewind the school time memories of visitors from regional India.


Typical handpicked elements from the typical principal’s cabin are interpreted in today’s modern minimal design language. The caricature of educational leaders, selective antique elements, classical furniture in natural wood and cane set the mood of the CEO’s cabin.

mind-manifestation-workspace-on-rooftop-surfaces-reporterThe older version of the school bell is depicted through a similar system, the Principal uses it as a call bell. The typical design of “abacus” is interpreted in the main workstation table which takes care of its aesthetics and at the same time adds flavor to the purpose of the space.


Other elements from school like, the slates, cardboards, the speakers, signage systems, etc. are significantly sited within the premises to make part of the original design scheme at the same time giving the feel of nostalgia in the minds of visitors.


“A clever union of old and new elements to bring forth the prime focus of the kindergarten – Education and Play – has been the underlying foundation behind the design process,” says the design team.

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Addition of Skyline Diffusers

The terrace is covered with unplanned fabricated roof structures and the presence of rooftop level services required a smart solution to hide those. To tackle the same along with noise and heat reduction at roof level, the idea of skyline diffusers came into the picture.

mind-manifestation-workspace-on-rooftop-surfaces-reporterThe site was stored with plenty of pallets which the firm separated and used to form an additional layer between the roof and the habitable spaces below. This resulted in heat and noise reduction to some extent, at the same time giving an aesthetic appeal to the entire carpet and a sense of continuity between both the spaces.

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The Interplay of Light and Shadows

Covering of the sides of the premises which is temporary in nature yet allows the cut-off from excessive sunlight and neighbouring noise brought in the concept of metal pivoted fin facade.

mind-manifestation-workspace-on-rooftop-surfaces-reporterAs per the requirement of the comfortable working condition in usable carpet this facade allows numerous possibilities of light penetration and controlled wind condition. Aesthetically the facade plays a significant role to create the interesting play of light and shadows.

Lego-Inspired Multipurpose Space and An Office

A Lego-inspired multipurpose composition: IDEA Foundry with media setup at times acts as an amphitheater or a casual sit-out or a fun place for kids to explore, same time taking care of the storage requirement of the space. 


Again the colour gradient scheme of the composition is the subtle derivation of the original floor mosaic colour palette. A cosy waiting lobby and a common staircase separate the IDEA Foundry from CEO’s office. In the given preschool context, said functions in the given brief are playfully distributed in the available carpet with a fresh and young coloured envelope to redefine the user experience.


The space is actively used by the school for staff training, kid’s recreation, movie screenings, tutorial sessions, social gatherings, etc.

“We decided to retain the existing blue-toned ceramic mosaic floor of the space with little refurbishments and plan the design interventions suitably around it,” said the design team.

Inviting CEO’s Cabin

The Owner’s requirement of their Signature Corner within the premises is to meet and greet their prospective clients.

mind-manifestation-workspace-on-rooftop-surfaces-reporterAgain the approach here is the same with a playful fun place to arrange a few workstations with a variety of sitting possibilities.

mind-manifestation-workspace-on-rooftop-surfaces-reporterThe site being a rooftop terrace covered with a temporary structure, choices of material to suit the economics, functionality, and aesthetics was the foremost challenge of the project.

Project Details  

Project Name: Workspace on Rooftop
Firm: Mind Manifestation Design
Location: Pune, Maharastra, India  
Principal Architect: Ar. Chetan Lahoti, Ar. Anand Deshmukh
Execution team: Space it up 
Size: sq feet : 850sqft  
Project type: Adaptive reuse of a rooftop terrace of a preschool  
Photograph courtesy: Hemant Patil

About the Firm

Established in the year 2014, by young Architects Ar. Anand Deshmukh and Ar. Chetan Lahoti, Mind Manifestation is a design firm located in Pune and working on a range of projects throughout India. The driving factor for the firm is achieving perfection and creating spaces in a way that is a consolidation of minimalism, opulence, simplicity and elegance which shall remain timeless for years to come. The young firm has now developed a varied portfolio with Architecture and Interior Design projects of mixed typology ranging from Small to Mid-scale residential, commercial and institutional sectors.

mind menifestation

Ar. Anand Deshmukh and Ar. Chetan Lahoti, Directors and Principal Architects, Mind Manifestation

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