5 Best Decorative Wall Panelling Materials To Know About

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Do you want to make a significant impact on one wall of your room without any wall decor? Then decorative wall panels will be the right choice for you. Wall panels add colour, texture and introduce a visual focus to the interiors. They can be used to hide construction flaws, exposed wiring, and can work as an accent feature that can entirely change the home's overall aesthetics. One can directly install them onto the desired wall. Most of the wall panelling materials are highly durable, easy to maintain, and available in various styles, sizes, and materials such as PVC, MDF, veneer or laminate finish on plywood, fabric, etc. Here, we, at SURFACES REPORTER (SR), present a list of the best decorative wall panelling materials available on the market.


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MDF Panels

The most common and budget-friendly decorative wall panel is Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) or composite wood because it is formed by joining hardwood or softwood residuals and resins under high temperature and pressure. 

Home Wall Decor MaterialsMDF panels are stronger and denser than particleboard. They replicate the look of natural wood but costs lesser than it. Since MDF is more flexible than other types of wood, it can be transformed into interesting designs, patterns, and textures. One can give metallic finish, Duco paint finish and different finishes to the MDF board. It is advised to avoid using MDF wall panelling on the damp wall as it swells more and ultimately breaks because of moisture.

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Natural Wood Panels

Natural wood panels such as veneer and laminate finish paneling display the natural beauty of the wood and add warmth and elegance to the space. They are one of the most popular wall panels that give a wooden look to the area.

Home Wall Decor MaterialsThey come in a variety of designs and patterns and can be sealed, sanded and polished to retain their original appearance. In such type of panelling, veneer or laminate sheets are fixed onto a plywood base to create various wall panelling designs. The disadvantages of natural wood panels are that they are not moisture-proof and are susceptible to termite attack.

PVC Panels

PVC panels are also used widely for covering interior walls, ceilings of rooms and used mainly in bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. They are moisture-resistant, termite resistant, and UV resistant.  They are manufactured with polyvinyl chloride.

PVC-Panels--mccoymartSince they are waterproof, they are apt for moisture-laden areas such as bathrooms and the kitchen. They are simple to install, dust-proof, glossy, durable and require low maintenance. The non-porous surface of the PVC panels prevents the growth of mould. They are softer than any other materials used for wall cladding and come in a variety of colours.

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Glass And Mirror- Finish Wall Panels

Glass And Mirror finishing panels bring lightness and spaciousness into the room where they are installed. They are suitable for compact rooms, foyers or narrow passages to create an illusion of extra space.

mirror-finish-wall-panelThese days, people are opting for lacquered glass, clear glass, stained glass and frosted glass panels that give a sophisticated yet minimalist look to the home.

Upholstered Wall Panels

If you want to give a soft and comfy look to your interiors, go for upholstered wall panels. These are fabricated in different types of materials like natural or synthetic fabrics, velvet, leather, leatherette, etc. They add softness to the room while also offering good sound insulation.

Upholstered-Wall-Panels.Further, you can create tufted upholstered panels by stitching the fabric with an underlying filling to get unique and mesmerizing geometric patterns. Tufted fabric panels not only accentuate the colour palette of the interior but also defines its overall look. Some of the most popular types of tufting are blind, diamond, biscuit and channel tufting.

Image Courtesy:the royal interiors, houzz, pinterest, mccoymart

Which decorative wall panel would you choose for your home? Let us know in the comments below.

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