Plastic Waste is Recycled to Create This Sustainable 3D-Printed Chair | The New Raw | Rotterdam

Plastic Waste is Recycled to Create This Sustainable 3D-Printed Chair | The New Raw | Rotterdam

These days sustainably minded designers are pioneering ways of using recycled plastic to craft elegant furniture pieces. In line with this, Rotterdam-based research and design studio The New Raw used the plastic waste generated in their own studio to create this robot-aided 3D printed furniture christened The Ermis Chair. The product is a perfect amalgamation of human inventiveness with robotic accuracy. Read more about this sustainable chair in detail below at SURFACES REPORTER (SR):


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he-new-raw-plastic-chair-With a pile of raw materials in the form of plastic waste, the studio planned to use it more fruitfully. They decided to transform the crap into valuable products and hence, took the help of 3D-printed technology. 

he-new-raw-plastic-chair-Though 3D printing large-scale furniture is not new for the design studio led by Panos Sakkas and Foteini Setaki, they are renowned for their massive furniture pieces worldwide. The designers conceived and designed proprietary robotic printing arms on their own to print colossal furniture pieces. 

Why This Chair?

The designers say that the new robotic 3d printing technology and testing of new plastics require constant experimentation, which generates a lot of plastic waste.


Instead of letting the plastic waste in some landfills, it is better to recycle that plastic waste into useful furniture without causing any harm to the environment. The Ermis Chair is the outcome of that great experiment. 

Striking Features of the Chair

It is very strange to create a massive chair like Ermis using 3D printing. The most striking feature of the chair is those horizontal print lines.


The chair has an exquisite form with a natural colour gradient that comes from the extruded plastic filament that slowly changes color through the print. If you look at the chair carefully, you wonder how big the nozzle on the robotic 3D print arm could be to design such a huge chair. 

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Also, if you see the side of the chair, you would actually notice that the lines are changing direction from being vertical on the front to diagonal to finally going horizontal at the top. It was incredible how the designers would have given the chair such a strange and beautiful design. Once printed, the chair features a pristine finish without showing a trace of any support structures.

he-new-raw-plastic-chair-The chair is not only an epitome of engineering and sustainability, but it is also a very elegant and functional piece of furniture. The soft gradient of the chair gives a seaside feel, with colours imitating sand and the water.  


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