The Types of Granite for the Kitchen, and the Top 5 Granites for the Kitchen

The Types of Granite for the Kitchen

Kitchen countertops are an essential utility for the household. This is why you should choose a material that best fits the role. One such material trusted by many house owners is granite. Granite countertops can showcase both a chic as well as classy look. It completes the look by accessorizing it as a shiny finish with a coarse look. Owing to its polished finishing, it is easy to clean and maintain. The variations in granite are the result of differences in the impurities and mineral content. These natural variations give rise to multiple colors in the granite. To help you pick the right granite for kitchen countertops Surfaces Reporter(SR) brings the best picks for granite types for kitchens.

Baltic Brown Granite

This classic granite is quarried in Finland. The pattern of this astonishing granite piece resembles small circles of petrified wood. These small circles can contain hints of blue, green, or even amber. It appears like a wood set on a black background. This brown beauty is affordable and gives the best look with medium wood cabinets like oak or maple. Amber variant has been the most in-demand variety which was carried by ancient traders all over the world from the Baltic region.

Imperial Red Granite

This variation of granite is known for its quality and reasonable prices. It is grain-deep red with the black-white and grey grain natural stone. The background is Bluish-brown with large dark red grains.

It provides uncompromising attractiveness and style that can fit in any setting. Imperial red granite countertops are durable and stress-free to clean. These can easily match your kitchen décor and are stain, heat, and bacteria-resistant. The perfect appearance and beauty of the stone can be intensified with stainless steel, glass, and lacquered wood.

Black Galaxy

The granite will be best suited for rooms with large windows that bring in a lot of natural light. Just like the view of a galaxy, the granite has silver specks in it that will give you a little bit of light reflection in the space. These specks look like the stars in the universe or a rural night sky. The sleek and elegant black galaxy granite can be paired with wood cabinets for a classic look. For a sleek look, you can add them with white or gray cabinets.

Delicatus White

For the lovers of class and opulence, opt for this countertop with a classic single-color backsplash. The white countertop can have a white, black, or gold tone. It adds an element of intrigue and effortlessly completes the look. These are best suited for a modern kitchen look and pair well with stainless steel appliances and sleek white cabinets. Throw in the vintage appliances and it will give a classic vibe. The versatile countertops will suit most decor styles.

Green Pearl Granite

The granite typically has brown and gray undertones. Green pearl granite has absorbing flecks, swirls, and patterns in it. They go well with white cabinets and shiny hardware for a fresh, welcoming look. With wooden cabinets, choosing a lighter shade of wood gives a complementing look.

This is one of the favorites that are available in India easily as it is quarried in India. Other than being used as countertops, these can be commonly found in both exteriors and interiors. It can be used in mosaics, monuments, countertops, fountains, wall capping and pool, stairs, and window sills.


Other shades available

Blue Granite

Blue granite can be found in veined and homogeneous patterns. In the homogenous pattern, the granite’s minerals create a uniform pattern while in veined, they create swirls. The base will be either black or blue.

Neutral Shades

The tan color is a commonly used stone that owes its color to the potassium content. It looks akin to your furniture. Other options include the combination of this pinkish shade and white.


Granite is a versatile stone that can be used in most places. In the kitchen, it adds a pleasant appearance along with keeping away microbes. Being a natural material, it is free from toxins and will protect you from allergens more than any other material.


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