10 simple and stunning ideas for kitchen

stunning ideas for kitchen

Kitchen is that place of a home that reflects a lot about you. To maintain this very place in a home, it needs to be remodelled after a specific point of time. According to today’s trends, it is attached to the living room and needs to be matched and maintained accordingly. In smaller apartment, the space of kitchen is often neglected by the contractor.  Surfaces Reporter understands your need to have a big and interesting kitchen that not only makes your living room spacious but also increases the worth of your apartment which is why we have brought you some ideas and design trends that you can choose from and upgrade your kitchen.

Country style

Country style kitchen gives you the feel of a beautiful suburban home, and also adds a little rustic feel in your kitchen. You can also add wooden cabinets with faux raised legs and a separate table with old chairs at a corner in your kitchen. Adding open shelving could help you remove a lot of clutter. This new design could give you the smell of the suburban at your home.

Go darker

Kitchen cabinets often have been paired with dull shades due to which the kitchen area lacked any outstanding look. Surfaces Reporter recommends to choose black marble for the tabletop matched with darker tone cabinets with grey walls tiles. Usually, different tones supplementing the dark overlay of the kitchen counter would work well.

Cottage industry

Old and boring kitchen are a story long gone. Cottage industry brings a true spirit of the English countryside design where brass is used instead of metal objects around the kitchen. Brass develops a different shade when oxidized over time. For small kitchens, one must paint their cabinets in white thus allowing more natural light into the space. This way, the kitchen will also look bigger in size.

Minimize space wastage

If there is any empty space in a kitchen, it can be utilized by adding a small counter with chairs. This way, the space will be used as a dining area as well as a countertop where one can keep some extra products and equipments. This area can also be used for prepping before cooking process starts.

Greenery matters

Greenery adds a lot of fresh and healthy air in the environment. Adding plants in a kitchen can be of great help. One can add small kitchen garden and grow some easy products like herbs that can be used in the kitchen later. Adding greenery also creates a more natural and calming feel and works well in the summers as a cooling effect for eyes.

Floating tables

Floating tables in kitchen have become a new trend for modern homes. Instead of adding a counter or seat, try adding a floating table that can be used to add equipments or kitchen. It will also add a bit of panache to your modern kitchen.

Colour schemes

Try painting parts of kitchen based on the materials used for kitchen countertops and tabletops. Adding a splash of colours other than trying the usual monochrome or duo-chrome look can also be a hit. The right shade of blue can look amazing on cabinets if matched with the texture of wood used in the kitchen.

Chalkboard paint

With chalkboard paint, there are endless possibilities and imagination that can be done in the kitchen. With chalkboard paint, one can write down their to-do lists or recipes for dishes, right in kitchen without any clutter. This look reminds of an Italian countryside restaurant with a chalkboard menu.

Mirror backsplash

To maximize the space in a kitchen, mirror backsplash is a must have. It reflects a lot of light thus making a kitchen look bigger in size. With natural light, the space looks much brighter and more natural.

Kitchens are a very essential part of the household and the more aesthetically pleasing they are, the easier it is to work in them. Keeping this thought in your mind, get ready to design your kitchen in a more stylish way. Keep reading Surfaces Reporter for trendy ideas, designs and upgrade your knowledge about the interior design and architectural world. Follow Surfaces Reporter Magazine on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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