Upgrade Your Kitchenware And Adapt The Modernity!

Upgrade Your Kitchenware

Every estate has been using very simple kind of cookers, pans and knives. Not many Indian homes tend to upgrade their kitchens with time. Modern trends and latest technology, however, makes the work easier for everyone. Different types of cookware, backsplash, and even cleaning devices in the kitchen can do a lot for a homeowner. Surfaces Reporter (SR) tends to make lives simpler by bringing easy and simple technology into consideration of people and give details of each technology so one can know and use the trendy product in time.


If you are a home owner and looking for latest innovative kitchenware for your kitchen, just read below and find the suitable products for yourself. 

A pan with spatula: 

Magic surely happens when you want it to. Imagine having a non-stick pan that has an attached spatula for cooking and guess, it is very easy to clean as well. It does not mess the kitchen and you don’t even have to keep the spatula elsewhere. This one is a must have in your kitchen.

Magic bullet blender: 

If you are a smoothie lover, this one is just for you. Not only it grinds and makes smoothies but you can grind everything and anything in this one hell of a grinder. You and also directly use the beaker as a cup and drink your smoothie right away. 
A dough mixer: 

Want to make work easy in the kitchen, get a dough mixer. Every Indian household needs this appliance for everyday use. One can mix all-purpose flour or wheat directly and can even make cookie dough within minutes. 

Cutting boards set: 

If your household have vegetarians and non-vegetarians both then you need a cutting board set in your kitchen. It comes in different colors so you can mark and identify which one to use for vegetables, chicken or other purposes. It also comes with a board holder so you won’t have to make separate space for it in the kitchen. Makes the work easier, doesn’t it? 

Panini press sandwich maker: 

Everyone loves sandwiches for breakfast or evening snack. Get a Panini press sandwich maker that grills the bread golden and makes crispy sandwiches just for you in minutes. It is easy to clean and maintain.

Instant pot or rice maker: 

Making rice in cooker was the virtue of the past. Today, modern technology has come up with an instant pot in which you can make rice, soup, saute vegetables, and cook food slowly or instantly depending on your need.
Air fryer: 

An air fryer fulfils all your needs of having crispy and oily food but in a healthy way. You can make French fries, crispy vegetables and even grill your chicken in an air fryer.

Set of stainless steel bowls: 

All that every kitchen requires is a set of bowls that are easy to clean, comes with a lid and which requires less space in the fridge and cabinets. Get a set of stainless steel bowls that are slip resistant, available in different sizes with lids and that can keep your food fresh a little longer than usual.

Backsplash sticker: 

Give your kitchen a remodel by using heat resistant backsplash sticker. All you have to do is stick the sticker on the backsplash wall and you’re good to go. It is highly heat and water resistant and one can easily clean all kinds of stains and spills from its surface.

Egg cooker: 

Some people loves to eat boiled or scrambled eggs every day. Especially made for them, this egg cooker cooks eggs in minutes just easily. One can cook variety of eggs in this egg cooker and stay healthy. 

Blender with beaker and whisker: 

A hand held beaker, another very innovative product, especially made for modern kitchens comes with a beaker and a whisker. Want to make smoothie, just add the stuff in the beaker and blend. Want chopped vegetables, repeat the process just like smoothie. It’s so easy and convenient and has 13 speed modes available for all kinds of food.

Fridge bins: 

Want to make separate space for food in your fridge? Get fridge bins and separate vegetables, and other food items in your fridge. This way, you can also manage space within the fridge. 

Jar and can opener: 

Bottles openers are a thing of the past. Today, can openers and jar openers have taken the place in the kitchen. Just install it under the cabinet or on the fridge and open all kinds of jars and cans easily. 

Sink caddy and mat: 

The messiest place in the kitchen is the sink area. Keep this area clean by using a sink caddy to manage the liquid dish washer and other kitchen cleaning items at one place and use a matt around this area keep it clean of water. 

Dish rack: 

After washing the dishes, water tends to stay on them. Get a dish rack that has separate columns for plates, spoons, glasses and bowls and dry your dishes in the dish rack. Once the dishes are nice and dry, put them back in their respective cabinets. 

Upgrading kitchenware with latest technology is necessary every now and then to make the work convenient. Try these simple yet latest kitchenware and make your chores easy. Follow Surfaces Reporter on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Subscribe to Surfaces Reporter Magazine on YouTube and visit www.surfacesreportermagazine.com for more. 


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