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Whether it's the interior of your house or the outdoor area, there are many ways to incorporate a mosaic accent piece into the space. If you're tempted about trying out mosaic art, remember that it's more than just the tile placement. There are different aspects of mosaic design that should be considered in order to achieve the perfect style. Mosaic tile art brings out the big picture while paying attention to smaller details. There are a few ways to work on this style but first, let's talk about choosing the right design. A report by SURFACES REPORTER (SR)

Consider the interior design style

The first step includes considering the interior design style. Based on the interior of the space, you can create a mood board for the mosaic design consultant. Whether it is a contemporary minimalist style, a mid-century style with modern elements, or a traditional rustic style, the options are limitless.

Determine the goal of the Mosaic design

Decide on the goal of the mosaic design. What do you want it to do? It can be used to blend with the interior of the room, a smaller design to complement the space, or bold colors to make a statement. Floors and bathroom walls with pastel patterns are very soothing to the eye and add eye-catching detail to the space.


Choose the material of the tile

Narrow down the options by choosing a tile material. For swimming pools and bathrooms, glass mosaics work the best. In the case of living rooms, a marble mosaic will help to create decorative flooring or a front elevation. For an added touch of richness and glam, use a combination of gold foil mosaic tiles and mother of pearl mosaic tiles.

Pick a color palette

Selecting a color scheme for your mosaic design is one of the most important things that need to be done. The inspiration for the color can be drawn from anywhere like the room itself or from your list of favorite colors. Soft pastels, monochrome or bright colors are some of the options that you can aim for.

Choose the right texture

Choose a three-dimensional pattern or a two-dimensional pattern for the mosaic design. By picking the right surface, you can easily achieve a seamless texture in spaces like the bathroom and the kitchen. As for three-dimensional designs, using mosaic with pebble-like texture will help to add an extra depth to the outdoor areas.

Fabrication technique

Different types of fabrication techniques are available for you to choose from. Whether you like your mosaic neatly arranged on a grid or hand-cut tiles to create an intricate mosaic art, there are various ways to use the tiles. The manual hand-cut tile method will cost more because of the hours of effort one puts into creating it. 


The budget of the project is a huge factor as well. Determine the amount of money you are willing to spend so that you can easily pick the right materials. Depending on the budget, you can choose intricate designs that require premium mosaics and high-end materials.

Creative Mosaic Design Ideas To Help You Get Started

Keep it simple with the classic gridlines

Choose the classic method of placing tiles on a grid. Pick a unique mix of colors based on your liking and imagine them in a grid-like format. This style looks great with softer shades of pastel-like deep green and light green.

Abstract Mosaic Art for

Mosaic style in abstract tile patterns adds a lot of interest to the space. You can choose a bold color palette for an energizing look or go for free-flowing soft lines to complement the interior style.

Nature Inspired Mosaic Design

Nature has always been one of the best sources of inspiration. Introduce nature into your home with the help of botanical and floral theme mosaics. You can also feature beautiful landscapes that reflect the beauty of the ocean.

Animal Inspired Mosaic

If you are a lover of nature and animals can easily win your heart, this style is perfect for you. Whether it's parrots, toucans, or hummingbirds, mosaic tiles can be used to bring out the wild beauty of the animal and bird kingdom in your room.

Artistic Style Pattern

The artistic style patterns are particularly designed for residential projects and public spaces like a park. These are extremely versatile and incorporate a combination of traditional and abstract design styles.

Floral Tile Patterns

The floral mosaic style is one of the most common designs on the market. Some floral patterns can be used in a creative way to produce an abstract modern look. These also give a retro and timeless wallpapers style art to your bedroom.

Mosaic designs are a fun way to add a touch of sophistication to your interiors. Keep in mind the different aspects of mosaic to make an informed decision and then continue with a style of your choice.

Main image: Wonderful Collection by Sicis


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