How AI is Transforming Kashmirs Carpet Industry

How AI is Transforming Kashmirs Carpet Industry | SR News Update

In India's traditional carpet-weaving heritage, a special code called 'talim' is undergoing a silent revolution. This symbolic language, deeply connected to Kashmir's culture, has long been crucial for crafting detailed hand woven carpets. In this report, SURFACES REPORTER (SR) explains how AI is bringing a significant transformation to the carpet industry.

Story of Mohammad Rafiq Sofi's- Seasoned Carpet Weaver

When Mohammad Rafiq Sofi was eight years old, he started learning the art of weaving from his father. For five decades, he dedicated himself to mastering this skill using talim designs. In the past, making a single carpet took more than six months, involving a tedious process of encoding talim designs in small sections sent for weaving.

Talim, the ancient code, reshaping the tapestry of carpet-weaving heritage | Source: Getty Images

Now, with the help of computer software and AI, the entire process has been revolutionized. Weavers like Mr. Sofi can finish weaving a carpet in just six weeks. This technological advancement not only minimizes mistakes but also greatly reduces the time needed for weaving.

AI Development

Aby Mathew's company, International Virtual Assistance, is leading the way in using AI to understand talim designs. This AI is still in development but aims to make the interpretation process more efficient, encourage creativity, and adjust to changing design preferences.

Couretsy: Rug Republic

Indian manufacturers, like Aditya Gupta's Rug Republic, stress the need for innovation to stay competitive globally.

Aditya Gupta's Rug Republic are trying out materials like recycled jeans, cotton, and leather while also staying dedicated to preserving traditional craftsmanship.

Official Tagging System

This allows buyers to check where it comes from and how well it's made, adding up to £36 million ($28 million) in revenue every year in Jammu and Kashmir. About 50,000 workers are involved in making carpets, making it a crucial part of the local economy.

By using technology, AI, and new materials, the industry has not only created innovative designs but also found ways to increase wages and jobs. Feroz Ahmad Bhat, a skilled weaver, is hopeful about the growing trade as the industry welcomes technology and continues to expand.

Courtesy: BBC (India's ancient carpet weaving industry meets AI)

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