From Waste to Wonder: Discarded Tires Used To Create Bold and Beautiful Facades | Artificial Intelligence

From Waste to Wonder: Discarded Tires Used To Create Bold and Beautiful Facades | Artificial Intelligence

Scrap tyres have long been a menace to throw off since they are not biodegradable, and are big & available in bulk. To address two major issues associated with discarded tires- landfilling of tires and its adverse impact on the environment, Shail Patel-a designer has envisioned an innovative and sustainable design solution of using waste tires as a building material. With the help of the artificial intelligence design tool Midjourney, he recycled and repurposed discarded tires to create eye-catching buildings. Read more at SURFACES REPORTER (SR) below:

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The idea was to facilitate sustainable architectural development in New York by finding an innovative design solution for the recycling of tires. This depiction of the designer brings a radical shift in the way we think about materials and their use. The idea was to use circular economy principles in the built environment. 

Bold and Beautiful Geometric Facades Built Using Waste Tires

The designer envisaged using scrap tires to design affordable and unique residential apartment complexes that will give a new life to the New York streetscapes with a sculptural quality.

He showcased a geometric patterned bold and classy facade made of recycled tire structures that acts as dynamic standpoints and windows from within.

Two Major Issues Resolved

As per a study, In America alone there are almost 300 million tyres disposed of every year, while 60 million which contribute to 20 per cent of the total production do not get any market, they are just stockpiled or end up in landfills.

So, this approach of using tires for building a home instantly solves two problems- firstly, 60 million waste tires will convert into a valuable resourceand secondly, it also reduces the ecological and economic impact of constructing a home.

A Sustainable Solution

Tires are longstanding, flexible, and can bear extreme weather conditions, and thus make an ideal option for multi-story buildings.

Repurposed tires can greatly lower the carbon footprint of a building as a low-carbon substitute to traditional construction materials, and they will further offer enhanced insulation, which will directly assist in minimizing heating and cooling costs for dwellers.

Construction Process

For creating apartment buildings using recycled tires, these need to be shredded or compressed to form building blocks or panels. These are then installed or assembled in multiple ways to create roofs, floors, and walls, thus building with tires offers a customizable construction solution. 

Further, sustainable features such as rainwater harvesting, solar panels, and green roofs can be integrated to increase the environmental performance of the building. 

Project Details

Project Name: From Waste to Wonder
AI Tool: Midjourney
Designer: Shail Patel
Image and text source: designboom
All rights reserved. 2023 © Shail Patel
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