BIM emerges as a key careeer opportunity in the AEC industry post COVID | Things you must know

Career in Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry During and Post Pandemic | 2021

The pandemic has raised numerous questions about the challenges facing the 200 years old principles of architectural education, their appropriateness to a post-pandemic virtual world, and what might be the future of architectural studies in the current scenario. Now the culture, society, politics, educational institutions, and the economy turned upside down, the architectural students' coursework will also be impacted by the radical and imminent change. Some leaders in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry say that this is the best time for college fresh outs to prepare themselves to get a foothold in the industry as the sector is witnessing a sharp boom. Hence, there are bright prospects and high employment opportunities for architecture students here in India and abroad. In recent years, many public and private sector companies across the world have started to require a Building Information Modeling (BIM) component in new construction projects.

In the following section, SURFACES REPORTER (SR) will inform about the alterations in the AEC sector that might result from the pandemic and what roles an architecture student can get in an AEC company along with the importance of BIM in the industry and the skills required to become a BIM expert. Take a look:

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bim-building-Career Options in Architecture

To keep pace with the ongoing influx of technology, the demand for a talented, skilled, and well-trained workforce is increasing. The post-pandemic design and construction world will incorporate more modular and prefabricated structures, and the adoption of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence, cloud-based collaboration, sustainable and green construction and most importantly, Building Information Modelling (BIM) will be on a rise. So, this range of changes from the micro to the macro will affect the capabilities of the students too. Now, knowledge of Building Information Modelling (BIM) has changed from a good-to-have-skill to an essential requirement.

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an advanced and intelligent 3D model-based process that helps architects, engineers and construction professions to efficiently create, plan, design and manage every aspect of the buildings and infrastructure.

bim-software-Career Options in Architecture

Building information modeling uses comprehensive software to standardize and share data from across the architecture, engineering, and construction that used to be held separately. This means everyone involved in a building’s genesis, from clients to contractors, can work together on the same 3D model seamlessly.

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Global BIM Industry is Booming 

Due to rising trends in digitization across industries, BIM is gaining huge popularity in the construction industry. According to Dublin-based Thinktank Globe Newswire, “The Global Building Information Modelling Market is projected to grow from $4.5 billion in 2020 to 8.8 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 14.5%.” Even after the 

The BIM Mandates in the Global AEC Industry

BIM mandates are increasing all over the world. Nations like the UK, the US, South Korea, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Australia, and a few other countries have mandated the use of BIM in all high-rise projects and in all government projects. The adoption efforts of BIM from the public sector are going on in more than 30 countries. Till now the Indian companies used to outsource a variety of BIM services such as 3D BIM Services, Drawing Production, Virtual Reality,  4D Construction sequencing, 5D Cost Integration and Facility Management. These services ensure that the future of BIM in India is promising.

bim-in AEC industry-Career Options in Architecture

Today, the Indian market is one of the largest and fastest-growing construction industry. And many big infrastructural projects such as The Bangalore Airport, Delhi Metro Rail in India have been undertaken using BIM and related procedures. The Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation also proclaimed to integrate 5D BIM technology for its project. The government of India is also keen to make the use of BIM mandatory at least in all mega projects. We hope that in near future, the BIM compliance is expected to be standard for all architecture projects. So, it is wise for architecture students to get expertise in building design and building information modeling (BIM) to keep up with the global demand for creating structures that are smarter and more resilient.

What Do You Need To Get a Job in An AEC Company?

New students and recent graduates should focus on the long term as the economy is likely to recover within the next 4-5 years. Also, as more schools and institutions have transitioned to online learning, the students will need to adapt to the new learning technology and modalities.

For the college fresh outs, it is vital to have a strong portfolio that demonstrates multiple talents and skillsets.  And if you want to be successful in this industry, you will need to have excellent communication skills, a knack for numbers, an analytical mind, and a keen eye for details. Besides, some practical knowledge and industry-based skills will also help to get assimilate with this rapidly growing and ever-changing architecture and design world. It may also apply to fields other than architecture. 

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Job Roles and Operational Tasks in an AEC Company?

A student who is looking for a dream job in the AEC marketplace can get different positions such as BIM Modeler, BIM Coordinator, Revit Modeler Architecture, BIM Manager, CAD Draughtsman or CAD Drafter, Architectural Engineer, Structural Engineer, MEP Engineer, and many more. So, there are endless opportunities in the AES world for an aspirant.

bim manager-Career Options in Architecture

Daily Operational Tasks

  • Applying knowledge of architectural design, construction detailing, construction procedures, zoning, and building codes, and building materials and systems.
  • Creating renderings, plans and documents.
  • Producing building models in computer-aided software and interpreting them to the clients.
  • Working with the project manager and interfacing with the Director of Architecture.
  • Use sustainable Design and Construction Techniques in a project development process
  • Managing construction projects.

Where and How To Start?

If you are unaware of how to start, you can take advice from college or academy advisors, counsellors, and career directors. Or you can take help from free resources and guides to improve your portfolio. Generally, most of the architecture or architecture courses require having an engineering background. Hence, properly ensure where your interests lie before choosing any particular field.

building career-Career Options in Architecture

Whichever profile you choose, make sure that you get efficient formal training in the respective subjects. Also, choose the institute or academy carefully. Pick one where you will get the knowledge of advanced software technologies along with theoretical understanding. A bird’s eye view of market trends along with the experience of working on live projects will add more value to your profile.

Reading is the best thing you can do to enhance your knowledge and advance your career portfolio- keep yourself aware with industry trends. Apart from that, network with industry experts worldwide, work on global projects, understand the construction codes of the country you are working in, or just opt for an advanced course to upgrade your knowledge.

BIM- An Ideal Career Option

In short, BIM is a very viable career option. It is emerging as an innovative way to virtually design and manage projects. In India alone, there are more than 10,000 vacancies for BIM managers and in other construction-firms. BIM manager plays a vital role in AEC tasks. So, to become an expert BIM manager, learn BIM and use it in the architecture and construction design work while honing other required skills.

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