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furniture, home decor and even building facades

Bioplastic Made of Forest and Farm Waste Locks in Carbon for Centuries | Made of Air

Germany-based Made of Air has developed a bioplastic that is derived from brunt plants and forestry and farm waste that possesses multiple uses s...

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EcoLogicStudio Converts Algae into 3D-Printed Photosynthetic Tree Sculpture | Tree One

EcoLogicStudio has successfully converted algae into a biodegradable biopolymer, which has been utilized to create a 3D-printed tree sculpture ca...

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Solar Panels

Solar Panels Infused with Algae Can Generate Oxygen, Biomass, and Absorb Carbon | Greenfluidics

Mexican startup Greenfluidics has taken a step forward toward sustainability by creating a solar biopanel that will help to slow climate change a...

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Fungal biomaterials

Mycelium Can Be Part of the Solution to Carbon-Negative Buildings| SR Material Update

Fungal biomaterials are not only becoming popular but also in demand in the field of architecture and design on account of their sustainable prop...

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First Renewable Plant-Based Resin to Offer Aesthetic Interior Solutions | Meba Bioresine

In a quest to build avant-garde materials that would serve the purpose of functionality and sustainability, Meba has created a plant-based resin....

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