First Renewable Plant-Based Resin to Offer Aesthetic Interior Solutions | Meba Bioresine

In a quest to build avant-garde materials that would serve the purpose of functionality and sustainability, Meba has created a plant-based resin. With the help of raw and renewable materials from agricultural and food industries such as oils and corn processing residues, Meba developed its Bioresine that can be formed into various shapes and colours, courtesy of its extracted biopolymers characteristic. Here is a detailed report on it by SURFACES REPORTER (SR).

Meba Bioresine is made entirely out of green ingredients such as cornstarch, scraps from sugarcane processing and vegetable oils and fats.

Meba Bioresine is the first renewable resin that has obtained UL’s environmental claim validation which is one of the leading outstanding leaders in certification and process control. The product focuses on sustainability and its respect for the environment throughout its lifecycle. The extracted polymers are created out of a formation of polyester-based resins that are obtained from biomass instead of fossil sources. Derived from renewable raw materials, Meba Bioresine also helps in low carbon emissions.

Meba Bioresine is the first renewable plant-based resin that has obtained UL’s the environmental claim validation.

Meba Bioresine is based on the upcycling process of the components that are further given a new life through the biopolymers. Made entirely out of green ingredients such as cornstarch, scraps from sugarcane processing and vegetable oils and fats, it is suitable for creating buttons, buckles, fashion accessories and interior design pieces.

Image credits: Meba


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