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3D images created

Fologram Uses Paperbark Tree as an Art Medium and a Building Material | Barkitecture

Now we all know that holograms are 3D images created out of laser lights, which appear to have more depth than images formed from lenses. However...

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Household Plastic Waste

Hong Kong Experiences Household Plastic Waste Transformed into Community Furniture | HIR Studio

A couple of years ago when Hong Kong-based HIR Studio had been invited to redesign the interiors of Sha Tin Town Hall, the design studio noticed ...

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Peca brings forth Volcanic Stone’s Natural Textures and Qualities through Petra Table

Led by designer Caterina Moretti, Mexican design studio Peca recently launched its monolithic table which is made entirely from black volcanic st...

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Textile Waste Gets Upcycled into Simple, Smart and Circular Acoustic Panels | BAUX Acoustic Flexfelt

Cofounders Jonas Pettersson, John Lofgren and Petrus Palmer of Form Us With Love (FUWL) have recently collaborated with entrepreneurs Johan Ronne...

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Heliograf Fashions

Heliograf Fashions Fish-Shaped Soy Sauce Packets into Pop Art Lamps

Inspired by the fish-shaped soy sauce packets which are served with sushi in many sushi shops around the world, designers Jeffrey Simpson and Ang...

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Meals on Wheels SA Head Office | JPE Design Studio | Australia

Architecture and Design India | The Robust Brickwork and Bold Transparent Forms Define Meals on Wheels SA Head Office

Architecture & Design India-JPE Design Studio has designed an expressive façade for the Meals on Wheels SA Head Office in Australia. The project ...

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USA to Welcome its First 3D-Printed Multi-Storey Building | House of Cores

New York-based design studio Hannah has commenced the construction of the first 3D-printed multi-storey structure in Houston, Texas. In collabora...

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This Puzzle-Like Structure is the World’s First NFT-Funded Pavilion | Fungible Non-Fungible Pavilion

For the first time, a pavilion has been designed by the public using non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are credentials of authenticity and ownersh...

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