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Plastic Waste gets a Second Life through Furniture and Household Goods | Plastplan

Known for focusing on using recycled materials that are mainly plastic, Plastplan design studio has developed a machine that can be used for recy...

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Framescape Greenhouse Restaurant

ALOT Proposes to Celebrate Iceland’s Panoramic Views through this Farm-To-Table Restaurant | Framescape Greenhouse Restaurant

Architectural designer Hai-png Teow Heffrence, founder of ALOT (Architectural Laboratory of Thought), has proposed to offer diners a new culinary...

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Art Movements Inspire these Recycled Paper Pulp Modular Lamps | U/V Collection

London-based Palefire Studio recently launched a group of sculptural lamps that are made from modular paper pulp. Encapsulating the glory of hist...

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Worlds Largest CO² capture & storage plant starts construction | Orca, Climeworks | Iceland | SR News

In a major move towards curbing climate change and bring about a positive impact, Climework is working on Orca which will make large scale carbon...

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