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Shell Waste

Shell Waste is Used to Create an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Concrete | Sea Stone by Studio newtab-22

Composed of discarded seashell powder and natural, non-toxic ingredients such as sand, mineral soil and so on, Sea Stone is a sustainable materia...

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The House of Dior, Seoul |

Fascinating Facade with White Fibreglass Panel | House of Dior, Seoul | Christian de Portzamparc and Peter Marino Design

Pritzker Prize-winning architect Christian de Portzamparc and Peter Marino the House of Dior- in Seoul, South Korea with sculptural white fibregl...

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EcoLogicStudio Converts Algae into 3D-Printed Photosynthetic Tree Sculpture | Tree One

EcoLogicStudio has successfully converted algae into a biodegradable biopolymer, which has been utilized to create a 3D-printed tree sculpture ca...

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Kim Min Jae Architects

Kim Min Jae Architects Propose an Elevated Ring Forest-like Structure to Pump Oxygen into Overpopulated Seoul | Seoul Loop

Over the years, Seoul has exponentially grown into a beautiful city. Ever since the Korean War, South Korea has achieved growth in a short time, ...

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