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The Northstar Nest in Gujarat

The Northstar Nest in Gujarat is A Kindergarten School Encompassing Double Height Spaces, Classrooms and Playground

Chennai-based Shanmugam Associates designed an eggshell white kindergarten campus in  Rajkot, Gujarat.

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Ash Abode | FADD Studio | Bengaluru

Corbusier and Jeanneret Influenced the Art, Furniture and Muted green interiors of Ash Abode | FADD Studio | Bengaluru

Farah Ahmed and Dhaval Shellugar of FADD Studio shared with SURFACES REPORTER (SR) that they were deeply inspired by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jean...

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The Northstar School Designed by Shanmugam Associates | Gujarat

Shanmugam Associates Takes Cues From Stepped Wells of Gujarat To Design Courtyard of the Northstar School | Rajkot

The Northstar School designed by Kerala-based architecture firm Shanmugam Associates (SA) integrates the nature to allow children learn in a posi...

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Rane Vidyalaya | Shanmugam Associates

The Walls of Rane Vidyalaya, Inspired from Temple and Local Houses, Constitute Layers Of Local Materials | Shanmugam Associates

Chennai-based architecture firm used local materials like grey fly ash bricks, red wire cut bricks, terracotta jali and baked earth tiles to desi...

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