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Industrial designer Konstantin

Hexagonal Bricks by Konstantin Grcic are Inspired by Beehives’ Infinite Expandable Structure | Hives for Mutina

Industrial designer Konstantin Grcic has revamped one of the most ancient building materials – fired bricks – into a fashionable hexagon module t...

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Using reclaimed waste materials

Discarded Fire Hoses and Terracotta Blocks get Repurposed into Outdoor Furniture | Local Works Studio

Using reclaimed waste materials from the building’s construction, Local Works Studio recently created a range of outdoor furnishings for the Aman...

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Mussel Shell-Made Bio-Glass with Old London Terracotta Chimney Patterns

Mussel Shell-Made Bio-Glass with Old London Terracotta Chimney Patterns Embellishes Building Facades | Thames Glass

London architecture studio Bureau de Change recently fabricated a range of patterned tiles using Thames Glass. Created by artist Lulu Harrison, w...

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Architects Create a Living Facade Made of Terracotta for Small Wildlife | Cookfox Architects X Buro Happold

Composed of terracotta, American architecture studio Cookfox Architects and British engineering company Buro Happold have collaboratively created...

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Polytechnic University of Turin

Weather-reliant Colour Changing Roof Tiles Regulates Interior Temperature | X-Tile

Student of the Polytechnic University of Turin, Manuel Ibba has created a roof tile concept that changes colour when the temperature reaches 20o ...

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This Pedestal-like Parking holds up a Gleaming Glass Office Tower | 405 Colorado

The signature architecture combines a sculptural glass form that meets a terracotta base to match the city’s progressive urban spirit.

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Cosentino’s Silestone Surfaces Made From Recycled Materials Evoke a Touch of Spain’s Natural Habitat

Offering a plethora colour designs for bathrooms and kitchens, Spanish surfaces specialist Cosentino has upgraded its Silestone offerings. Based ...

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This Cafe Embodies the Quintessential College Street Coffee House Experience | Coffee House

A beautiful assortment of traditional and modern elements with the classic touch of College Street design creates a lively experience at the Coff...

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