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Alembic Real Estate Office designed by The Crossboundaries

Industrial Scrap and Waste Become Productive And Beautiful Additions in Alembic Real Estate Office designed by The Crossboundaries

Architect Harsh Boghani, the founder of The Crossboundaries, gives the second life to the interiors of Alembic Real Estate- a 55-year-old large i...

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This Soft, Leather-like Lampshade is 100% Sustainable | B Wise

B Wise is a series of raggedy-looking lampshades that are made from mycelium.

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A wondrous bamboo facade by Ar Vinu Daniel, Wallmakers | Kerala

Designed by Ar Vinu Daniel, Wallmakers, Kerala, this quaint and eco friendly abode in the busy lanes of Trivandrum redefines the beauty of bamboo...

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Fish Scales Repurposed into Stone-like Tiles | Scalite

Made entirely from fish scales, Scalite is a renewable byproduct of the fishing and aquaculture industries.

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Tipstudio Creates Alchemy of Metal Waste and Material Hybridization | Secondo Fuoco

An experimental material research with a sartorial and sensorial approach through an emotional implication is the result of Tipstudio’s recent sl...

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Plastic Waste gets a Second Life through Furniture and Household Goods | Plastplan

Known for focusing on using recycled materials that are mainly plastic, Plastplan design studio has developed a machine that can be used for recy...

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Colourful Furniture Made from Surplus Felt

Customize this Colourful Furniture Made from Surplus Felt | Stackabl

Stackabl has come up with a creative process that involves designers and castoff materials from manufacturers by creating an intersection of desi...

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Andra Formen Crafts Quirky Furniture out of Discarded Electric Scooters | E-metabolism

The demand for electric vehicles is on the rise, courtesy of people opting for a more sustainable lifestyle. However, the breaking of these vehic...

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