Open Architecture Envisions Six Iceberg-Shaped Glass Structures For Shenzhen Maritime Museum | China

Open Architecture Envisions Six Iceberg

Some countries may have the doors of their museums close for the public because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but architects and designers are still sketching out plans for the museums of tomorrow. One of such beautiful visualizations is unveiled by Beijing- based Open Architecture. The firm has showcased its visual concept for the International Architecture Design Competition for the Shenzhen Maritime Museum. With this concept, the firm also wanted to raise awareness of the issues of global warming. The familiar sight of icebergs gives a gentle reminder to the residents of China that the reality of faraway, melting icebergs is not as far as we might assume. Read more about this brilliantly visualized concept at SURFACES REPORTER (SR): 


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Shaped Glass Structures

The firm’s proposal comprises six glass iceberg structures that float above the subtropical waters of Shenzhen Bay. The structures accommodate curatorial rooms, including the theatre, library, lobby, and children’s education wing.

Shaped Glass StructuresThe architecture firm plans to create a sea dike between two layers of seawalls set at distinct heights, providing a protective barrier to the mangrove wetlands behind it.

Home of Area’s Natural Marine Life and Birds

These mangrove wetlands also function as a home for natural marine life and a reserve for migrating birds.

Shaped Glass Structures

At night, the iceberg light up, looking similar to the icebergs found in the Arctic region.

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Inside each iceberg, guests will find the traditional museum layout familiar and educational.

Shaped Glass Structures

The water surrounds the iceberg structure rises to the horizon, creating an infinity pool and help lower the impact of seasonal typhoons while also allowing to maintain the internal temperatures and heat load. 

However, the design presented by Open Architecture did not win the competition. SANAA, the Tokyo-based firm founded by Kazuyo Sejima And Ryue Nishizawa, was selected to build the Shenzhen Maritime Museum in China.

Shaped Glass StructuresThe firm was selected ahead of proposals from several high-profile firms, including UnStudio, Sou Fujimoto Architects, And Kengo Kuma & Associates. The firm had presented a cloud-like maritime museum concept. Here are the visualizations displayed by SANAA:

A Virtual Tour

Project Details:

Name: Shenzhen Maritime Museum
Visualization by: OPEN Architecture
Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Status: Competition Proposal

Renderings courtesy of International Architecture Design Competition for the Shenzhen Maritime Museum

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