New material palette: Steel Structures on the Rise

Steel structures

Steel structures are quickly rising to be the most popular building materials in the construction industry. It is the multipurpose avatar of these structures that makes it lucrative. When compared to other materials, steel structures possess the following features:

Light weight

Even though steel has a large bulk density, it is stronger than a lot of other materials used for building purposes. As a result, under similar load as well as conditions, steel structures tend to have less weight that other structures. This makes them easy to be transported and installed as well.

Good plasticity and tough

Steel structures have the added advantage of not breaking due to its excellent plasticity. It is this feature of steel structures that can withstand any pressure due to partial or even accidental overload. In addition to that, steel structures are pretty tough that make it more adaptable to dynamic loads. Both these features ensure that steel structures sufficiently safe and reliable.

Closer to homogeneity and isotropy

Steel structures have an internal homogeneity and are also very elastic under a certain amount of stress. It is easy to calculate the homogeneity and isotropy of the steel structures which is why they are compatible with the conditions of stress in question.

Easy to manufacture and industrialize with a short period of construction and installation

Steel structures are composed of a variety of profiles which is why they are easy to make. Steel structures are manufactured in large quantities at metal structure factories. These are specialised factories which is why the steel structures are made of high accuracy. The structure is assembled and bolted on site. This makes the structure light making it pretty convenient and finishing off the construction as quickly as possible. What makes it more special is that the steel structure is easy to disassemble as well as reinforce and transform.

Good sealing performance

Steel structures are extremely airtight as well as water tight. As a result, they can be used very fruitfully in plate and shell structures. This includes high-pressure vessels, gas cabinets, large depots of oil, and pipelines to name a few.

Heat resistant but not totally fire resistant

Steel structures are resistant to an enormous amount of heat even though the same cannot be said about a high temperature. When there is an increase in temperature, steel structures experience a decline in strength. If there is radiation heat and the temperature around is more than 150 degrees, it is wise to take shielding measures. However, when a fire breaks out, the temperature usually goes up to 500 degrees which can cause the steel structures to collapse. Wrap the steel structures with bricks or concrete in order to make them more fire resistant.

Easy to rust

Steel structures tend to rust if exposed to a wet environment and more so if the environment constitutes some corrosive medium. Therefore, it is necessary that you paint or galvanise them so that they last longer. It might increase the cost of the steel structure to a certain extent. At the same time, a lot of building materials are unable to meet the requirements that steel structures are capable of.

Based on the above features, it is clear that steel structures are multifaceted and multipurpose building materials. Below are listed a few of the application of steel structures.

Long-span structure

Steel structures are most useful when creating halls, theatres, gymnasiums, hangars, and garages to name a few. The most commonly used steel structures in this case include arch structures, frame structures, grid structures, and suspension structures.

Workshop structure

Workshops such as open-hearth workshops and blooming workshops are a couple of examples where you can use steel structures. You can also find them in the workshops of metallurgical plants, steel casting, hydraulic press etc. In addition to that, there is the berth workshop of a shipyard and the assembly workshop of an aircraft manufacturer. The load-bearing parts of these workshops are usually made of steel completely.

High rise building

High rise building such as hotels, office buildings, residential apartments and other high-rises require steel structures for their light weigh as well as toughness.


Steel structures have proven to be extremely useful for a variety of structures such as TV towers, transmission line towers with high voltage, and towers meant for monitoring the atmosphere. In addition to that, there is the oil drilling tower and the rocket launching tower that employ steel structures.

Shell structure

Steel structures are useful in making containers that are used for metallurgical, chemical, and petroleum enterprises. These steel structures are used for storing gases and liquids. They are used for manufacturing blast furnace as well as hot blast stoves to name a couple.

Removable structure

Steel structures can be disassembled as well as reinforced and transformed easily which makes it the best possible building material for movable houses or temporary halls for exhibition.


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